Postgraduate Research Opportunities

Postgraduate Research Opportunities


Project Title: Cellulose production from plastic, agriculture and office wastes for use in hydroponic systems

Project Title: Development & Evaluation of a Team Based Learning- Peer Assessment Web-based application

Project Title: An investigation into fluoride exposure in women of child-bearing age in water-fluoridated versus non fluoridated areas

Project Title: Speed Profiling in Ladies Gaelic Football: Monitoring Methods and Match-Play Demands

Project Title: Exploration of weight variation, body composition and body shape during the menopausal transition in Irish females

Project Title: Exploration of novel biomarkers and interventions to optimise sodium consumption patterns, blood pressure and cardiovascular risk factors

Project Title: The role of the menstrual cycle in athletic performance

Project Title: Sensor embedded 3D printing tooling for injection moulding applications

Project Title: The Role of Strength on Speed Adaptations in Female Team-Sport Athletes

Project Title: An Efficient Video Quality Enhancement Solution for Video Streaming using Deep Learning

Project Title: The Incredible Shrinking Woman: Sport, Leadership and Gender

Project Title: Automatic Speech Recognition for Dysarthric Speech

Project Title: Biodegradable bio-based tissue adhesive with high mechanical strength and antibacterial performance

For more information on the above Postgraduate Research Opportunities (including contact details and deadlines) please download the relevant project documents below along with the Postgraduate Research Application Form also located in the download documents below and email all documentation to Postgraduate Research Opportunities - Email

Note: IELTS [International English Testing System] Applicants must have a minimum of 6.0 with no component score less than 6.0

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