Postgraduate Research Opportunities

Postgraduate Research Opportunities


Research Projects:

Project Title 1: Development of a Polymer Composite Material with Enhanced Mechanical Properties and High Hydrogen Storage Capacity Using Artificial Neural Networks-Assisted Design

Project Title 2: Novel development of smart ecological evaluation tools to test and verify new “Green” Innovations

Project Title 3: Development of methane mitigating sustained release formulations for ruminants

Project Title 4: An exploration of Regenerative Tourism as an innovative tourism development model for destinations - A case study of Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands

Project Title 5: Study of Anaerobic Digestate combined with Biochar as organic fertiliser and carbon sequestering agent, their effect on soil health, fertility and biodiversity

Project Title 6: Challenge Based Learning for Sustainable Development

Project Title 7: An analysis of the impact of an integrated STEM intervention on STEM participation in post-primary education

Project Title 8: Wind turbine blades for new generators (Blades2Life)

Project Title 9: Practices in Exercise Promotion and Impact of Exercise Rehabilitation on Post-Menopausal Women in Ireland

Project Title 10: Legislating for a for a cross-border Crime Agency relating to Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing on the island of Ireland

Project Title 11: Investigations into contemporary compositional strategies for multimodal, digitally mediated artworks

Project Title 12: Development of a Geoinformation App for Estimating Geo-Data using Python Programming

Project Title 13: Responding to the regulatory landscape, paving the way for a collaborative approach to lifelong learning in social care

Project Title 14 Development of Eco lightweight Thermal Concrete from Waste Materials

For more information on the above Postgraduate Research Opportunities (including contact details and deadlines) please download the relevant project documents along with the Postgraduate Research Application Form also located in the download documents to the left and email all documentation to Postgraduate Research Opportunities - Email

Note: IELTS [International English Testing System] Applicants must have a minimum of 6.0 with no component score less than 6.0

Content updated as of 29 August 2023

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