Postgraduate Research Opportunities

Postgraduate Research Opportunities


Project Title 1: Quality of Experience of Immersive Multisensory Experiences

Project Title 2: Developing a model to understand the Impacts of Tourism on Poverty Alleviation in Central Asia

Project Title 3: Examination of parental knowledge of vitamin D and iron and adherence to supplementation recommendations for children aged 1-to 5- years

Project Title 4:The Development of a real-time feedback system for Gaelic football athletes by positional, movement and decision-making data analysis

Project Title 5: Efficient Moving Target Defence for Fog-based Virtualised Manufacturing Services

Project Title 6: Development of 3D printed biopolymer composite materials for use in prosthetic joints to treat musculoskeletal disorders

Project Title 7: Use of biocatalysis in the asymmetric synthesis of chiral amines and diamines

Project Title 8: Production of bio-based plastic materials and enhancement of their antimicrobial properties

Project Title 9: Investigating the Relationship between Spatial Ability and Designerly Ability

Project Title 10: Development of ring opening polymerization catalyst/initiator for synthesizing of PLA as biodegradable bone material through reactive extrusion:

Project Title 11: Development of a novel high-performance material from natural occurring sustainable resources.

Project Title 12: 3D printing biodegradable coronary stents with continuous wire reinforced filament

Project Title 13: Investigating the Development of adolescent Spatial Skills for future success and participation in STEM Disciplines

Project Title 14: An investigation of the efficacy and feasibility of a dance exercise intervention through ExWell Medical on physical, emotional and brain health in patients with Dementia

For more information on the above Postgraduate Research Opportunities (including contact details and deadlines) please download the relevant project documents below along with the Postgraduate Research Application Form also located in the download documents below and email all documentation to Postgraduate Research Opportunities - Email

Note: IELTS [International English Testing System] Applicants must have a minimum of 6.0 with no component score less than 6.0

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