Postgraduate Research Opportunities

Postgraduate Research Opportunities


Project Title: An investigation into fluoride exposure in women of child-bearing age in water-fluoridated versus non fluoridated areas

Project Title: The Incredible Shrinking Woman: Sport, Leadership and Gender

Project Title: Ultra Fast Time Series Data Processing of I-LOFAR Data using FinTech Inspired Technologies with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Project Title: Development of Sustainable Polymer Blends with combined high mechanical performance and biocyclability

Project Title: Self Conformable End of Arm Robotic Tooling

For more information on the above Postgraduate Research Opportunities (including contact details and deadlines) please download the relevant project documents below along with the Postgraduate Research Application Form also located in the download documents below and email all documentation to Postgraduate Research Opportunities - Email

Note: IELTS [International English Testing System] Applicants must have a minimum of 6.0 with no component score less than 6.0

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