Postgraduate Research Opportunities

Postgraduate Research Opportunities


Project Title: The Experiences of Parents of Children with Mental Health Difficulties who Access Mental Health Services Through the Emergency Department

Project Title: To Evaluate the Local and Rural Transport Provided by Rural Link

Project Title: The Development of Innovative Sustainable Biopolymer Based Plastic Alternatives to Petroleum Based Plastics.

Project Title: DeepCID - Deep Learning Based Plastics & Polymers Contamination Identification

Project Title: Fingerprinting Critical Therapeutic Attributes: Overcoming Challenges to Fulfill Commercial Potential

Project Title: Revolutionary Advances in Pulsed Light Innovation to Address Complex Challenges [acronym PULSENOV]

Project Title: Development of Dental Implants with Antimicrobial Activity

Project Title: To Investigate the Involvement of Gene Expression Regulators in Curcumin Reduced Obesity, Inflammation and Cancer

Project Title: Use of Semantics to Boost Relevance in Video Retrieval without adding Complexity for the Novice User

Project Title: 3MDPrint - Advanced Manufacturing of Solid Dosage Forms for Releasing Multiple Drugs

Project Title: Defence of Backdoor Attacks on Deep Learning in Smart Manufacturing

Project Title: Laccase Oxidation Project

Project Title: Development of Sustainable Flexible Packaging Solutions using Novel Biodegradable Polymer Blends

Project Title: Development of Biodegradable Hybrid Long Fibre Nanocomposites For Sustainable Packaging Application

Project Title: Self Conformable End of Arm Robotic Tooling

For more information on the above Postgraduate Research Opportunities (including contact details and deadlines) please download the relevant project documents below along with the Postgraduate Research Application Form also located in the download documents below and email all documentation to Postgraduate Research Opportunities - Email

Note: IELTS [International English Testing System] Applicants must have a minimum of 6.0 with no component score less than 6.0

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