Refunds are normally issued in the following circumstances only:

  • where a student pays their student contribution fee and are subsequently awarded a third level maintenance grant; in this instance the student contribution fee will automatically be refunded back into the student’s nominated bank account.
  • where a student pays an amount in excess of the total fee due or
  • when a student officially deregisters (see below) from the institute and this results in a credit balance

The student contribution fee is only refundable where a student official deregisters from AIT before 31 October.

A refund of 50% of the tuition fee will be made where a student leaves AIT between 1 November and 31 January.

No refund will be paid where a student leaves AIT on a date after 31 January.

Students remain liable for fees for the period of registration up to the date that they officially deregister from the institute.

Official deregistration

To officially deregister, the student must complete an AIT official student deregistration form and return it with their Student Identification Card to the Registration Office. For fee purposes the date of receipt by the Registration Office of the written notification will be taken as the date of deregistering. Official Deregistration forms are available on the AIT internet, Registration Department and all of the Schools and Departments.

No refund is made to a student where a balance of fee remains outstanding.