Software Research Institute

Software Research Institute
incorporating COMAND

The SRI conducts applied research in digital media communications and applications and network and infrastructure management. The centre has built a reputation for applied research in the communications and network management domain and has collaborated extensively with SME and multinational companies. The group is focused on bringing leading edge research to the marketplace.


Research areas:

  • Connected Media
  • Network and Infrastructure management
  • Immersive Media
  • Cloud security.

SRI hosts the COMAND Technology Gateway.

SRI Website

Connected Media Application Design and Delivery (COMAND)


COMAND is part of Enterprise Ireland’s Technology Gateway Programme, a nationwide resource for industry delivering solutions on near-to-market problems for industry partners. COMAND is working with a range of SMEs and multinationals across various industries in the IT, Software and Connected Media fields.


COMAND R&D focuses on:

  • Cross Platform Applications
  • Mobile media
  • Cloud
  • 3D sensing
  • Connected Media (personalised, real-time interactive) applications.

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