Funded Research Support

Research Support


Research Support facilitates the development and promotion of research in AIT. Research Support aims to increase the research performance of AIT through supporting researchers in identifying funding opportunities and developing successful research proposals to attract external funding - delivering on the research strategy and ambitions of AIT.


Research support services include:

  • Identifying sources of funding opportunities for researchers
  • Supporting researchers in the development and review of research proposals
  • Providing AIT endorsement for research proposals
  • Managing and coordinating Research Time Release programme
  • Managing and coordinating internal President’s Seed Funding programme
  • Assisting researchers in identifying research partners both national and international.

Day-to-day support of researchers:

  • Liaising with Finance, Postgraduate Office and Technology Transfer
  • Advice on pre and post research award and management of same
  • Organising researcher training for career development
  • Support Research Ethics processes.

Funding Agencies

The following are among the research funding agencies we work with:

Research Funding Opportunities

Commercialisation & Technology Transfer