Research Facilities

Facilities available at AIT include:

The Research Hub which hosts research platforms in chemistry, bioscience and characterisation, offers research desk space and laboratory space, and hosts extensive facilities to design, build and test components using 3D CAD software, in-house high spec 3D printers, a Scanning Electron Microscope, vacuum casting equipment and a full suite of mechanical and chemical analytical laboratories.

Materials Research Institute (MRI) including Applied Polymer Technologies Gateway (APT) polymer processing equipment, including six injection moulding machines capable of standard and over moulding processes, four extruders including medical tube extrusion, four compounders capable of batch sizes of 50g to 30kg/hr, a melt spinning line, a vacuum forming machine and numerous downstream equipment including a recently purchased Fanuc six-axis robot. Existing space includes a dedicated white room
to simulate a medical device clean room environment.

Software Research Institute (SRI) including Connected Media Application Design and Delivery Gateway (COMAND) computing facilities including an Internet of Things (IoT)
testbed and an OpenStack cloud with in excess of 150 cores installed. SRI has an Immersive Media Lab to enable Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) prototype design and validation.

Midlands Innovation and Research Centre (MIRC)
incubation facilities including business development support. AIT/MIRC in partnership with Tyndall National Institute, Maynooth University and the Irish Maritime and Energy Resource Cluster is a location of ESA Space Solutions Centre Ireland.