AIT provides professional-level contractual consultancy work to external clients. If you could like further information please contact

In addition, in partnership with MU and CIT, an exciting new offering and a range of inter-institutional consultancy services are available through EXPERT-KT.

EXPERT-KT is managed consultancy project supported by Enterprise Ireland to enable academic knowledge and expertise deliver benefits for businesses, public sector bodies and community groups through consultancy services.

We are a unique consulting service drawing on the combined expertise of more than 1,000 researchers in a consortium comprising Maynooth University, Athlone Institute of Technology and Institute of Technology Carlow.

What we offer:

EXPERT-KT offers a bespoke consultancy service. We can deploy talented multi-disciplinary teams to provide insights and analyses for the issues and challenges facing your organisation. The consortium’s innovative research and top class facilities have already supported the development of hundreds of businesses.

We can help you

  • Define ideas for effective problem solving
  • Discover options and opinions on technical, business and market issues
  • Develop your ideas via access to the consortium’s technical facilities

Our consultancy services:

  • Technical and creative expertise and solutions to industry and business problems
  • Comprehensive design services including prototyping
  • Provision of expert analysis, interpretation and reports
  • External courses and workshops
  • Testing and analysis work combined with expert interpretation

The Maynooth University Commercialisation Office provides a single point of contact. We will help you to identify the expertise needed from across the consortium and provide contractual and project management support throughout the consultancy process.

To find out more about EXPERT-KT contact:

Kay McClean, PhD

Managed Consultancy Programme Manager

Maynooth University Commercialisation office

Maynooth, Co Kildare

T +353 1 7086685



EXPERT-KT is a managed consultancy project supported by Enterprise Ireland and Knowledge Transfer Ireland under the Technology Transfer Strengthening Initiative.