Collaborative Research

At AIT we work closely with industry partners in developing innovative and applied solutions, through:

Collaborative research : Fully-funded research : Contract Industrial Services:Technology licensing : Consultancy

Complemented with funding supported by:

Industry Presidents Seed Fund

This unique AIT initiative, offers industry partners an opportunity to investigate a research area of interest while part-sponsoring a Postgraduate student. Over 18 months the Postgraduate student will divide their time between the company (up to 4 days per week) and AIT to suit the individual needs of the project. Benefits to the company

  • A body of cost-effective, company specific research carried out by a researcher
  • A comprehensive report on the findings and recommendations from the research
  • Assignment of foreground IP, if required

Our Industry focussed research delivers impact to our client companies and contributes to economic development regionally and nationally.

Some examples of collaborations to date include: