€1.4m in collaborative research

AIT's campus incubator, currently 20 companies, 62 employees & €1.4m in collaborative research.

Research, Innovation & Enterprise



AIT has three strategic research institutes in materials research (MRI), bioscience research (BRI) and software research (SRI). A strong quality infrastructure and tradition of focused inquiry has earned AIT considerable research autonomy with awarding authority to doctoral level across these areas. Research capacity and capability is being continually strengthened in AIT. Further research clusters exist at faculty level. The research institutes, which have developed international collaborations with leading multinational companies and universities in Europe, Asia and the US, have attracted significant multimillion euro funding.

Providing support to the economic, social, cultural and environmental development of the region is a priority for AIT. Our strategy is to be a partner of choice for enterprise, focusing our applied research, innovation and enterprise support activities on addressing the needs of regional and national industry by proactively collaborating with start-ups and established companies and by providing a comprehensive range of knowledge intensive services, with a focus on SMEs.

The Research HUB located on East Campus of AIT is the home to research graduates both MSc and PhD. The HUB is a purpose built research facility. The Midlands Innovation and Research Centre (MIRC) is located on campus and operates as a converging hub for innovation, research and enterprise. It provides incubation facilities for innovative and knowledge -based enterprise, an enterprise programme for entrepreneurs and start-ups, and makes available the resources and expertise of the institute to support client companies.

AIT has been building its research profile over recent decades and has in place the conduits to transfer knowledge and technologies in a manner that supports regional and national industry-based partners.