Facilities in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biotechnology

Chromatographic and Spectroscopic Instrumentation in the Department

Liquid Chromatography
Varian HPLC with Fluorescence Detector
Shimadzu LC6A with UV Detection
Waters LC Module Plus
Shimadzu Lc10 autoinjector, UV Detector
Shimadzu LC-2040C Nexera-i (with UV and Photodiode Array Detector-Lab Solutions Software)

Gas Chromatography
Aglient MS with Auto-injector
Shinadzu GC 14 a
Thermo Trace 1300 GC x 2 (Chromeleon software)

Ion Chromatography
Metrohm 761 Compact Ion Chromatograph

Atomic Spectroscopy Varian AA240FS
Cary IE UV/VIS Spectrophotometer
Nicotet iS5FTIR
Shimadzu IRAffinity FTIR
Shimadzu IR-Spirit
Varian Cary Eclipse Fluorimeter
Shimadzu UV
Hitachi F300 Fluorescence Spectrometer
Shimadzu UV-2500 UV/Vis

Electroanalytical Instrumentation and Chemical Synthesis Equipment

Jenway 4020 Conductivity Meters
Methrolm 737 Karl Fischer
Assorted pH Meters
Dissolution Erweka Dissolution System

Chemical Synthesis Equipment
Pierce Reacti-Them Heating/Stirring Module
Argonaut Technologies Quest 210 Parallel Synthesiser

Beckman Coulter Centrifuge Avanti J-30I High Performance Centrifuge
Optical Activity Polarimeter
Analytikjena Multi N/C Pharma UV TOC Analyser

Pharmaceutical Instrumentation

Rotary Evaporator Ika RV Basic
Pharmatest Universal Gear Drive with the Following Attachments:
Cube Blender
Wet Granulator
Coating Pan
Plough _Share Mixer
Riva Single Station Table Press
Pharmatest Friability Tester
Copley Tapped Density Meter
TA XT Plus Texture Analyser
DO Meter
Conductivity Meters
Shimadzu UV Mini 1240
Rotary Evaporator RE300DB Stuart
Magnetic Susceptibility Balance
Quest Automated Parallel Synthesiser
Dionex Accelerated Solvent Extractor
Malvern Particle Size Analyser
Distek Dissolution System

Biotechnology Equipment

4 thermocyclers (2 can be gradient) (2 sensquest, 1 stratagene, 1 Biorad t100 Thermal cycler)
1 Gel DNA Imager
-80 Freezer
Western Blotter x 3
SDS page System x 1-
Electroporation gene pulser x cell
Vortex Genie
UV Transilluminator
DDGE System
Gel Electrophoresis System x 25
Bio-fermenter (Sartorius Stedim Biotech)
Tissuelyser II (Qiagen)
Refrigerated centrifuge
Laminar Flow
Eppendorf Centrifuges
2 Fridges
1 Chest Freezer

Biochemistry Equipment

Centrifuge Rotina 28 R
Leica Histokinet
2 x Flask Shakers
Eppendorf Centrifuge
Sonication Bath
Cintra 102 UV Visible Spectrometer
Tissue Tek III
Blood Roller
Hawskey Reader and Centrifuge
Heto lyolab 300 Lyolphilliser
Lecia DM500 Microscope with Camera Attachment

Microbiology Equipment

32 Microscopes
5 Incubators
2 Ovens
7 Fridges
2 LMS Lighted Incubators
3 Autoclaves
1 Automated Colony Counter
2 Stomachers
Anaerobic Jars
UV Lamps
Standard Colony Counters
Nikon Eclipse E200 with Camera Attachment
Dissecting Microscopes

    Facilities in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biotechnology

    The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biotechnology has excellent, state-of-the-art, analytical instrumentation, research equipment, modern laboratories and teaching facilities.