Online Registration - Springboard+/ICT Skills/HCI Graduate Conversion

Springboard+/ICT Skills/HCI Graduate Conversion

Welcome to TUS Athlone Campus

You have accepted a provisional offer on a Springboard+/ICT Skills/HCI funded programme.  As per the terms of the provisional offer (which you received by email from the Funded Flexible Learning Office), in order for your provisional offer to remain valid you will need to upload documentation that demonstrates your eligibility for the funding.  

You will receive notification of when and how to do this directly from the Funded Flexible Learning Office.  Please refer to the email in which you received your provisional offer for full details, and if you have any queries please email

Before you begin your academic year, you will need to be fully registered with the University. Registration is required to gain access to a wide range of services and facilities available to our students.

Please Note:  When you register online, it will take approximately 24hrs to re-activate your IT facilities.

Commencement dates vary from programme to programme, so please refer to the programme details available on and email the course contact if you have any queries.

Online Induction will take place on Saturday 10th September for all Springboard+/ICT Skills/HCI Graduate Conversion programmes starting in September 2022.

You will also be provided with Pre-Induction material in the coming weeks – this will assist you in accessing TUS student portals such as email, Moodle etc.

You will receive notification of both the Online Induction and Pre Induction material in the coming weeks.

The commencement dates for the 2022/2023 Academic Year are as follows:

Induction (Online):          Saturday 10th September

Teaching commences (Online) for all student’s week commencing Monday 12th September.


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The University is a Data Controller and will comply with its obligations under existing or future Data Protection and Freedom of Information legislation with regard to the dissemination of personal information to any third party.

The Technological University of the Shannon, taking into account the changing needs of learners, society and industry, must at times revise programmes, courses or modules.  The University, being mindful of the above, and in order to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the University reserves the right to change any programme of study, course or module.

Only students in good financial standing will continue to have entitlement to Library, IT and assessment privileges.

Step 1: New Students – check your email received from the Department of Lifelong Learning/Admissions Office for your login details – User ID (student number) and pin number to access.

Your AIT email can be accessed from anywhere by going to Student Email Account 

Please note that your Student Email is the primary form of communication used between the University and student. All relevant information with regard to classes, events, fees, exams etc will be issued to your student email account.  It is the responsibility of each student to check your email regularly and to make yourself aware of communication issuing to you. 

Failure to read email is not sufficient defence for missed deadlines etc.

Step 2: Student Fee, Payment Plan & Payment Information

All Level 6 programmes are 100% funded so no fee is due from you, once you meet the specific eligibility criteria.

Level 7, 8 and 9 programmes are 100% funded for the unemployed and 90% funded for the employed, subject to specific eligibility criteria.

You will have been advised in your provisional offer if you must pay a 10% contribution to TUS.  This must be paid before course commencement.

This can be paid after you have uploaded your funding eligibility documentation when requested by the Funded Flexible Learning Office, and it has been verified.  If you have queries on this please email:

Late Fee Penalties

  • Loss of IT Facilities after non-payment of fees.
  • Examination Results withheld.
  •  Progression to next stage of programme withheld.
  • Graduation withheld

Step 3: Online Registration

On the next page you will complete your online registration using the User ID (this is your TUS Student Number). You will be required to change your PIN when you first login for security reasons.

Please note that when you register online, it will take approximately 24 hrs to activate your IT facilities.

Click here for Online Registration Guide


***Once you have registered please return to this page and upload a digital image for your student ID card***

***Click here to upload your image after Registration***