2nd, 3rd, 4th Years & Postgrads

New External Applicant


Welcome to AIT! Before you begin your academic year you will need to be fully registered with the Institute. Registration is required to gain access to a wide range of services and facilities available to our students.

The Commencement date of the 2017/2018 Academic Year is Monday, 11th September 2017 (non 1st Years). 

All students new to AIT are invited to join the induction programmes on 7/8 September as outlined in the enclosed brochure:


  • To complete elective choices please follow this link Elective Information
  • For very affordable membership to the state of the art gym click AIT Sport
  • For the latest benefits and features for 3rd level students follow this link Bank of Ireland
  • Click Calendar to see the AIT Academic Calendar for 2017/2018
  • Information about your Student AIT Card
  • For information on getting started with college life click AIT Connect 


Please read Step 1 and Step 2 carefully before proceeding to Step 3 by following the Next button below


Step 1:  Check my AIT Email
Step 2:  Information on Fees, Grant & Payment Details
Step 3:  Register Online


The Institute is a Data Controller and will comply with its obligations under existing or future Data Protection and Freedom of Information legislation with regard to the dissemination of personal information to any third party.
Athlone Institute of Technology, taking into account the changing needs of learners, society and industry, must at times revise programmes, courses or modules.  The Institute, being mindful of the above, and in order to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the Institute reserves the right to change any programme of study, course or module.
Only students in good financial standing will continue to have entitlement to Library, IT and assessment privileges.

Check AIT Email (Step 1)

Your AIT email can be accessed from anywhere by going to Student Email Account 

The Webmail login page will appear (see image below)

You are required to check your AIT student email account on a daily basis as it is the main form of communication between you and AIT with regards to class changes, exam information etc.

Student Fee, Grant & Payment Information (Step 2)

The Student Contribution Fee for 2017/2018 is €3,000.  All students are liable for the student contribution fee unless awarded a third-level grant.

There is an additional material fee of €100 payable for all undergraduate programmes.  This fee is not covered by any third-level grant and is due for payment by 30th September for all undergraduate students.

Pay Fees Online is available to all students at www.ait.ie under Quicklinks – this is the preferred method of payment and you are encouraged to avail of this payment option.


Payment Options Available
Option 1

 Full Payment € 3,100 & Tuition (if applicable) before 30th September 2017   

Option 2  

 First Instalment €1,600 & 50% Tuition (if applicable) before 30th September 2017      

 Second Instalment €1,500 & 50% Tuition (if applicable) before 20th January 2018


Online payment and further details are available at Undergraduate Student Fee Information Academic Year 2017-2018

Late Fee Payment Penalties

  • Loss of IT facilities after non-payment of 1st instalment - 4th November 2017
  • Loss of IT facilities after non-payment of 2nd instalment - 1st February 2018
  • Examination Results withheld
  • Student material fees must be paid in full before 30th September.  All full-time undergraduate programmes attract a material fee of €100.  There are a specific number of programmes attracting a course specific fee, please see undergraduate fee payment information document.
  • Tuition fees may apply to some students (e.g. those repeating a year, or those who already hold a third level qualification equivalent to your chosen program)

Online Registration (Step 3)

Students who have been offered a place on an add-on Programme can register online from Friday, 14th of July to Tuesday, 4th August 2017.

All eligible students will receive a letter in the post with an offer of a place which will contain your UserID and PIN (Your UserID will be your AIT Student number.  You will be required to change your PIN when you first login for security reasons).

Click here for Online Registration Guide