New Technological University Moves One Step Closer as AIT/LIT Consortium Announces Project Management Structure

Further progress was made on a new Technological University (TU) with the announcement that the project management structure of the AIT/LIT Technological University Consortium is being put in place and project directors appointed.

In October, Athlone Institute of Technology and Limerick Institute of Technology formally confirmed the formation of the new TU consortium, which opened the pathway to commence work on the new university.

€2 million in funding was also allocated to AIT and LIT as part of the Government’s investment in the progression and advancement of a TU.

President of AIT, Professor Ciarán Ó Catháin has now announced the appointment of Vice President Academic Affairs & Registrar, Dr Niall Seery, as project director for AIT on a new AIT/LIT Technological University Consortium project management structure. Mr Terry Twomey, Vice President Academic Affairs & Registrar in Limerick, has been named the project director from LIT.

A procurement process to appoint a project facilitator, who will be central in forming the structure of the new TU, has also begun.

Prof Ó Catháin said: “This is an exciting development for our technological university consortium with LIT. The project management structure and appointment of the project directors will play pivotal roles in driving forward our application towards creating a new technological university. This phase involves working through an agreed set of work packages covering a number of central areas including teaching and learning, research and innovation, and professional services. I wish both Dr Seery and Mr Twomey all of the best in their new roles as project directors.

“The AIT/LIT Technological University Consortium aims to develop a contemporary, vibrant and impactful technological university, a higher education institute that reflects the educational demands and economic needs of the regions and communities we serve, nationally and globally. Underpinning this is the formation of strategic European and global partnerships with academic which will further develop and sustain our collaborative, cross cutting research and further enhance our capacity to enrich civic, social and cultural engagement while providing new and essential access and pathways for all learners.”

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