Learn How to ‘Restart a Heart’ and Save a Life with the Irish Heart Foundation

Would you know how to respond if someone you knew went into cardiac arrest?

On Tuesday, October 15th, Athlone Institute of Technology, in conjunction with the Irish Heart Foundation, will hold a free ‘Hands for Life’ CPR training day for staff and students and the wider community as part of a global initiative designed to raise awareness of CPR.

CPR is a lifesaving skill that involves pressing hard and fast on a person’s chest and can double, if not triple, their chance of survival. People who are trained in CPR - an easy skill to learn - are 10 times more likely to respond and assist in the event of an emergency.

“The time between an incident occurring and emergency help arriving is critical and knowing how to react could save a life. Most cardiac arrests happen at home, so the chances that you will be using your CPR skills on family or friends is high,” Lisa Hanlon, Healthy Campus Co-ordinator at Athlone Institute of Technology, explained. “This is why we’re asking our staff and students and members of the wider community to give up an hour of their time on October 15th to learn this vital skill.”

Echoing the importance of attending one of the training sessions, Brigid Sinnott, Resuscitation Manager with the Irish Heart Foundation, said: “Every day, 13 people in Ireland die from a cardiac arrest. Colleges are an ideal setting to educate young adults and local communities in CPR and reduce the incidences of death from cardiac arrest. CPR is a lifesaving skill that everyone can learn and we encourage Athlone Institute of Technology’s staff and students to sign up and take part in the free Hands for Life CPR training during Restart a Heart Week.”

Four training sessions will be held throughout the day in the MPH building, with each one accommodating between 60-90 people. The sessions, which are scheduled to run at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm, will each take approximately one hour to complete. To ensure a training slot best suited to their schedule, students and staff and the wider community are invited to register their interest here.

What to expect from the ‘Hands for Life’ training course:

• Learn how to recognise a cardiac arrest

• Learn how to perform compressions, including hands-on practice on a CPR training manikin

• learn how to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

• Learn how to respond to a choking emergency

• Learn how to recognise a stroke

The event, which is supported by Abbott and ESB Networks, aims to create awareness of basic CPR and will take place across institutes of technology and universities throughout Ireland.

Everybody should know basic CPR. Register now for the ‘Restart a Heart’ CPR training and awareness day and learn how to save a life. Click here for your free Eventbrite ticket.

An educational powerhouse defined by a commitment to academic excellence, Athlone Institute of Technology has enjoyed considerable successes in the academic arena, most notably being named one of U-Multirank’s ‘Top 25 Performing Universities’ in the world for interdisciplinary research the second consecutive year. Further solidifying its reputational prowess, the institute continues to enjoy the highest ranking nationally in the Irish Survey of Student Engagement – 69% versus 29% national average. These accolades build upon the institute’s success in winning the Sunday Times Good University Guide ‘Institute of Technology of the Year’ award in 2018 and Runner Up award in 2017.

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