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AIT Celebrates Lucky ‘Year of the Ox’ Virtually

12 Feb

AIT students and staff rang in the lucky ‘Year of the Ox’ virtually on Thursday, 11…

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AIT – LIT Consortium to Form a European University with International Partners

15 Jul

Athlone IT President Travels to China on Relationship Building Mission

27 Jun

Civil Engineering Lecturers Deliver Classes at Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology, China

12 Jun

Teicneolaíocht Priontála 3T in ‘Domhantarraingt Nialais’ á Forbairt ag IT Bhaile Átha Luain lena hÚsáid sa Spás

12 Feb

Athlone IT Developing ‘Zero Gravity’ 3D Printing Technology for Use in Space

12 Feb