Asia’s Fastest Man to Return to the AIT International Grand Prix

The seventh edition of the AIT International Grand Prix – one of the biggest events in the Irish athletics calendar - will take place on Wednesday, 12th February.

Some of the biggest names in athletics will return to the multi-award-winning campus to battle it out to break records and to attempt even faster times.

Su Bingtian, dubbed ‘Asia’s fastest man’, will be competing again in the New Year. Bingtian, who is the first Asian-born sprinter to break the sub-10-seconds barrier in the 100 metres, returns to Athlone after he gave a stellar performance at last year’s AIT International Grand Prix.

Since the AIT International Grand Prix six years ago, the competition has gone from strength-to-strength, growing into what has become one of the most prominent fixtures in the Irish and international athletics calendar, evidenced by the calibre of athlete talent signed up to compete each year.

Some of the star athletes expected to compete at the 2020 event include Ciara Mageean, Thomas Barr, Phil Healy, Mark English, Molly Scott, Gina Akpe Moses, Nadia Power, Pavel Maslak and Marcin Lewandowski.

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