AIT launches Special Purpose award entitled “Scenario Planning for Brexit”

An unprecedented level of uncertainty has been generated by the UK’s decision to leave the EU in a process known as Brexit. Many business leaders realise the absolute necessity to plan for the many different outcomes that the Brexit process may bring but might not know where to begin. In the context of AIT’s regional remit, the Department of Business & Management has developed a new postgraduate programme, in conjunction with the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, global leaders in the area of scenario planning, that will enable participating students the opportunity to learn the processes associated with scenario planning and identifying plausible future outcomes for their organisations post-Brexit.

In response to the new Scenario Planning for Brexit Award, Ibec Brexit Lead Arnold Dillon said: “Our close economic ties mean Brexit will be particularly challenging for Irish business. Companies need to act now to identity the risks and take steps to manage these in the best way possible. Brexit has the potential to affect currency transactions, supply chains, contracts, financing and the labour force, among other issues. The more companies can do to understand and respond to these potential difficulties ahead, the better.”

The programme aimed at graduates from all disciplines, will commence on February 7th and run on Wednesday evenings for 12 weeks in addition to 2 Saturdays. The module will challenge learners to embrace the disruption to their business models that will unquestionably arise both in the context of overall megatrends and Brexit in particular. Students will gain the knowledge of strategic techniques that contribute to Scenario planning and all assessments will be based on each participant’s own organisation. In order to encourage the maximum number of participants, AIT has reduced the price from the customary €750 to €250. Head of Department of Business and Management in AIT, Mr Owen Ross added, “the issue of Brexit could have a significant impact on the midland’s regional economy. We would encourage companies to send teams on to this programme and prepare for Brexit. Learning the processes associated with scenario planning will benefit any manager. These processes are applicable to any business situation, not just Brexit albeit that this module will focus on Brexit as the immediate driver of change.”

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