Digital Growth | Virtual Digital Marketing Conference

Digital Growth | Virtual Digital Marketing Conference

  • 09:30am - 13:00pm

Digital Growth is Ireland's new online conference which is dedicated to Digital Marketing, providing an environment for experts to engage with participants, share their knowledge, experiences and build long-lasting professional networks in the digital marketing sector in Ireland.

Digital Growth is suitable for all levels of digital marketers. You’ll hear keynotes from several experts within the field. They will present real-world case studies, the latest thinking and new developments in the world of Digital Marketing.

You will hear LIVE keynotes and panels from leading organisations facing the challenge of managing their digital media landscape during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Finally users will be able to participate in diverse panel discussions, and experience ‘lightning talks’ from the leaders of tomorrow.

There will also be an opportunity for users to join virtual round table discussions and share your experiences with fellow Digital Growth attendees.

You will leave the event with more knowledge of how to elevate your brand and plan for your organisations future.



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