The Student Advisor provides support for all students, particularly first and second years who are experiencing difficulties with Computing/Software, Maths, IT & Business Studies subjects. It also offers students a space to express their concerns regarding social, personal or practical issues. This is a confidential service and the Student Tutors can offer referral to Departmental and Student Services support staff where necessary.

Academic staff may refer a student to the service or students can make direct contact with the Tutors by calling to the Student Tutors Offices whose details are given below. Computing/Software, Maths & IT, Business Studies & Accounting & Science.

Tutor Contacts:

Joe Keogh – Maths Tutor – jkeogh@ait.it

Tel: +353 (0)90 644 2567. Room V302

Iain Murray – Science Tutor – imurray@ait.ie

Room E3210

Rebecca D’Arcy – Writing Skills Tutor – rdarcy@ait.ie

Tel: +353 (0)90 646 8013. Office in Main Canteen

Brendan McLarney – Business Tutor – bmclarney@ait.ie

Tel: +353(0)90 648 3038. Room B2087

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