Coming to college for the first time can be both an exciting and a worrying prospect. There are new people to meet, new friends to make, and the opportunity to study in depth a subject you enjoy. At the same time, you’ll probably be wondering whether you’ll be able to keep up with your studies, write assignments to an appropriate standard, organise your time effectively, and have the confidence to present your ideas in front of other people.

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PASS is designed to help first year students cope better with all these aspects of life at third level. It encourages first year students to support each other and learn cooperatively under the guidance of trained PASS Leaders from the second year of your programme. If PASS is available on your course it will appear on your timetable, first year students will meet with their PASS Leader during induction and at their weekly PASS sessions. First year students can go on to become PASS leaders when they enter second year and can gain academic credits from the Institute.

PASS is intended to help first year students:

  • adjust quickly to third level;
  • acquire a clear view of course direction and expectations;
  • develop their independent learning and study skills to meet the requirements of higher education;
  • enhance their understanding of the subject matter of their programme through collaborative group discussion;
  • prepare better for assessed work and examinations;
  • increase cohesion of the student group;
  • increase confidence.


  • teaching by students.
  • targeted at weak or problem students – all participants should benefit.
  • a means of reducing lecturer-student contact class time.
  • an environment for social chatting.