Student Health Service

Student Health Service

The Student Health Service provides on-campus medical care to registered students and apprentices in a confidential, professional and courteous manner. Our service is nurse-led and provides both physical and mental health services as well as health promotion and supportive measures to assist you in ways that keep you committed to your studies. Services are available from Monday to Friday throughout the academic year. If you have a chronic condition, disorder or disability which may require specific support or monitoring please inform the Institute Nurse as soon as possible after registration so appropriate care can be planned.

We expect honesty from our students, please remember the service is confidential. Your health records are not shared without your consent nor do they form part of the academic record. If we do not have the full story it may affect your treatment. If you have a query or anxieties please feel free to make a list of questions and bring it with you to your consultation. Attending several GP’s with the same illness is not a good idea and in some cases may be dangerous.


The student health service is not a replacement for a student’s own G.P. Our services are provided as an addition to your own GP or specialist medical service. Students who have an ongoing illness or chronic condition should see their usual doctor. Services provided include:

• Day to day/ On the day illness

• Minor Illness e.g. coughs and colds, chest infection, gastro-enteritis, urinary tract infection

• Recent/New Injuries: minor injuries, burns, dressings etc.

• Sexual Health & Contraception Services

• Mental Wellbeing

• Medical Emergencies – always given priority


We are currently housed in a grey prefabricated structure at the rear of the main campus building opposite the sports arena.


In response to Covid-19 we offer telephone and video consultations to students in relation to both Covid and general medical enquiries. During term time you will be able to contact us via this webpage to request an appointment. Students will be asked to present their student ID card for inspection.

Consultation Times:

Mon – Thurs 09.00 -10.30 11.00-12.30 14.00-16.00

Friday 09.00 -10.30 11.00-12.30

MIDOC Out of hours Service: 18.00-08.00 & Weekends 1850 302 702 *Fees apply*


Nurse Consultation FREE

Doctor Consultation €15.00 (Card Payment)

Medical Card

The student health centre does not operate as a medical card practice, all medical card holders are encouraged to attend their own GP if within the Athlone area, or if not to register with a local GMS doctor. However, if you are feeling acutely unwell and your registered doctor lives outside the Athlone area, you will be triaged by the nurse and referred accordingly. You can apply for a medical card online via

Overseas Students

E.U. Students/Erasmus:

Students who are currently registered with AIT are entitled to free medical consultation and prescriptions in Ireland on presentation of a valid European Health Card.

This entitlement is only valid for a period of 1 year while you are on Erasmus. If you continue to stay in the country you will need to apply for Medical Card status.

Non E.U. Students:

All other foreign Nationals other than EU students have no medical card entitlements here. It is recommended that you have adequate medical insurance on arrival. You are however welcome to attend the College Doctor at the student rate in the Health Centre during term time. We also encourage foreign students to register with a GP in your area as the AIT college doctors are only available throughout term time.

Immunisation Guidance for College Students 2020-2021

The following important guidance for students has been provided by the National Immunisation Office

Repeat Prescriptions

Students requesting a repeat prescription must bring either a letter from their own general practitioner stating which medication they are on, or a recent prescription. Requests for repeat prescriptions must be made at least 48 hours prior to requiring prescription by calling to reception and submitting the repeat prescription request form.

Medical Certification

Medical Certificates are only be issued by the Doctor. Retrospective certification is not issued so you should contact the Student Health Centre, at the time of illness or event.

Reliable Health Information:

Download our Free ‘Student Health Matters App’ which provides clear and reliable health information for students in Ireland. Choose Athlone Institute of Technology as your college for information on college supports. This app will help you look after your health and safety when worried about a health problem or if you are too embarrassed to ask for help or don’t know what to do next. It works offline and offers quick and easy access to useful information.

iPhone App Store link:

Google Play Store Android link:


Visit the positive living section at AIT Library. We have collaborated with the AIT Library Service to put together a collection of books on a wide range of topics around personal health and well-being.

Remember if you have any questions or queries about our service or want to just ask a health professional a question…we are here for you….Contact us at 09064 68063.