Health Centre

Full time registered students of AIT are welcome to use the professional services available from AIT’s Health Service. We aim to support your own GP (who should, where possible, remain your primary health-care provider) and any specialist who may be involved in your

The Campus Health Service operates Monday-Friday and aims to offer as many services as possible. If you are living with a chronic condition, disorder or disability that may
require specific support or monitoring, please make yourself known to us as soon as possible after registration, so your appropriate, personalised care plan can be put in place.

The AIT Health Service is free and confidential. We will respect your privacy at all times, and it is essential that you give us all the information that may help us effectively and safely treat your illness. Withholding or censoring the information you give us can lead to less effective treatment, and can even be dangerous. Similarly, if you are seeing several GPs you must disclose that you are doing so, for your own safety.

If you have a particular query or anxieties please feel free to make a list of questions and bring it with you to your consultation.
Students will be asked to present their student ID card to avail of our services.

Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday 09.00 – 12.30 and 14.00 – 16.30
Friday 09.00 – 12.30

Institute Nurse: Free
Student Health Doctor: €15.00
Students must use their multifunctional AIT card to pay for services at the Student Health Centre.

Consultations with our doctors and nurses are by prior appointment. Appointments can be made in person at the student health centre reception or by calling 090 64 68063. If you are acutely unwell and feel you cannot wait for an appointment, the AIT Nurse and Health Centre Coordinator (Laura Tully 090 64 68062) provides a ‘walk in and wait’ triage service daily 11.00 – 12.00. You can also apply for a cancellation appointment/emergency appointment by completing a form at the student health centre.

The student health centre is currently located in a grey prefabricated structure situated at the rear of the main campus building opposite the sports arena.
Out-of-hours emergency service (Private Service, fee applies): 6pm– 8am weekdays and 24 hour at weekends MIDOC 1850 302702

Medical Cards
The student health centre does not operate as a medical card practice. Medical card holders are encouraged to attend their own GP if within the Athlone area or, if not, to register with a local GMS doctor – this is a doctor who is contracted by the HSE to provide services to medical card holders. However, if you are feeling acutely unwell and your registered doctor lives outside the Athlone area, you will be triaged by the nurse and referred accordingly. You can apply for a medical card online using

Overseas Students
E.U. students/Erasmus students who are currently registered with AIT are entitled to free medical consultation and prescriptions in Ireland on presentation of a valid European Health Card.
This entitlement is valid for a period of one year while you are on Erasmus. If you remain in Ireland longer than this you will need to apply for medical card status.
Non E.U. students/international students from outside the EU have no medical card entitlements in Ireland. It is recommended that you have adequate medical insurance on arrival. You are welcome to attend the college doctor in the Health the student rate of €15 per consultation. We also encourage non EU students to register with a local GP in the area as the AIT college doctors are only available throughout term time.

Medical Certification
A medical cert will only be issued if you attend the Student Health Centre at the time of illness or event.

Repeat Prescriptions:
Students requesting a repeat prescription must bring either a letter from their own GP, stating which medication they require, or a recent prescription. Requests for repeat prescriptions must be made at least 48 hours in advance, by calling to reception and submitting the repeat prescription request form.

Student Satisfaction
We encourage students to complete our evaluation forms, available at the reception area. Please feel free to give your suggestions on how the service could be improved. If you are not entirely satisfied with the service you received, please let us know.

Students must use their multifunctional AITCard to pay for any services at the Student Health Centre.