Third-level education is expensive. Students from less-well-off backgrounds can sometimes experience financial difficulties which can impact on their ability to study effectively. As well as grant finance, which may be available to you through the SUSI system, you may qualify to apply for the Student Assistance Fund (SAF).

The SAF provides financial assistance for full-time higher-education students who are experiencing temporary or ongoing financial difficulties whilst attending college. SAF funding is allocated by the Department of Education and Science each year, based on the size of AIT’s full-time student population. Students in need of financial support can then make application in the college for assistance under the Fund. Unfortunately, demand for SAF assistance sometimes exceeds the funds available, and it is not always possible to approve every application.

How to Apply

Download the SAF application form and complete in full. Return the application form and appropriate receipts/documentation to the Access Administrator in the Welcome Office on the D corridor. First time applicants will be given an appointment time to meet the Access Officer, Room D1120. The Access Administrator is available daily from 9:30 to 1pm. All correspondence in relation to your application will be sent to your student email address. Please check your email on a regular

For more information on the SAF scheme see the FAQs at