SensusAccess - File Conversion

SensusAccess is a file conversion tool that allows students to automatically convert documents into a range of alternate media including audio books (MP3 and DAISY), e-books (EPUB, EPUB3 and Mobi) and digital Braille. The service can also be used to convert inaccessible documents such as image-only PDF files, JPG pictures and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into more accessible and less tricky formats. With SensusAccess, you can listen to your lecture notes, turn book pages into searchable PDFs to be used with text to speech software, or lecture slides into text to be read and adjusted on an E-Reader. 

The SensusAccess e-learning course is intended for students, staff, faculty and others who are converting material into alternate formats such as audio books, e-books, digital large-print and Braille, either for themselves or on behalf of others. The course covers how SensusAccess can be used to improve the accessibility of documents and to make documents easier to work with. Click here to start the course.

  • Using SensusAccess - A How-To Guide

    To convert a file, please following the below steps:

    1. Upload your document to SensusAccess

    2. Select how you want it converted

    3. Enter your TUS email address

    Once your document is ready, you will receive an email in your inbox.

    SensusAccess is entirely automated and the documents you submit to the service are automatically deleted once they have been converted.

    SensusAccess Video Tutorial