Exam Supports

Exam supports can only be provided to students who inform the Disability Office of their needs.  Students are advised to register with the Disability & Learning Support Service (DLSS) early in the semester, in order to ensure appropriate exam arrangements are put in place.  The DLSS liaise with the Examinations Office to organise additional exam supports for end of semester exams.  

Registered students that require reasonable accommodations for their continuous assessments, in-class and in-house exams can book their exam supports using the Continuous Assessment Exam Supports Form. You must notify the Disability Office at least one week before the assessment, but there is no guarantee that full supports will be available and alternatives may be suggested.

While every effort will be made to provide the necessary facilities, it may not be possible to meet all requirements in every case. Specific exam supports will be discussed individually with each student and form part of the needs assessment. Students must have adequate working knowledge of any facility/technology they request to use in an exam.

These facilities may include:

  • Separate exam venue.
  • Smaller shared exam venue.
  • Use of PC or laptop and printing facilities in AT centre with AT trainer on duty.
  • Use of assistive technology such as ClaroRead Software.
  • Exam paper in an alternative format (e.g. audio format – MP3 player or enlarged text paper).
  • Use of coloured examination paper.
  • Reader and/or scribe.
  • Extra time (10 minutes per hour).
  • Marking Guidelines (advice for examiners when marking papers).
  • Rest periods (provided for candidates who require breaks during the exam, e.g. students who have mobility difficulties; concentration difficulties; or who suffer from chronic pain.
  • Specialised furniture or aids.

Students must review this document on Reasonable Accommodations for Exams as they will be required to sign an Examination Authorisation Form with a member of the DLSS when requesting exam supports.