COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 Support

    Mental Health advice from USI and Psychological Counsellors in Higher Education (PCHEI) during COVID 19 times. Top tips from USI on ‘Staying Connected, While Living Apart.’ Two short video messages.

    Coping with stress during the 2019 Covid outbreak One page of clear information from the World Health Organization (WHO) on the do’s and dont’s of maintaining better mental health during this challenging time.

    Introducing….You OK? A daily podcast from RTE about support. Featuring leading mental health experts, this series will offer simple, practical exercises to quiet the noise and restore some peace. Each episode will focus on a sole topic or an area of life that has been affected by the pandemic.

    Comprehensive guide to living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty. Feel free to use the exercises if you think they will be helpful.

    10 Ways to take care of yourself during Coronavirus.