Sometimes you need more than a friendly ear. You need a professional listener who can guide you through the sometimes difficult transition from home to college-life. Independent living, homesickness, regulating your own lifestyle, friends and career can be daunting. Or you may, unfortunately, experience distressing events either at home or while on campus. The AIT counsellor provides a comprehensive service to all students to help you cope with these and other problems. The Counselling Service welcomes students to seek our help.We’re here to help you make the most of your time at AIT.

Education is about development of the whole person, personally, socially and academically. We’ll support and facilitate your development in these three dimensions. We’ll help you explore issues of concern in a safe and confidential environment, free of charge.

Most of our work is therapeutic on an individual basis; we can help you work through relationship problems; separation anxiety; family problems; bereavement; problems centring on sexual and personal identity. Some difficulties may be exacerbated by your transition to further education, but have much earlier roots. We can help with clinical anxiety, including phobias and obsession; clinical depression, especially if you have made suicidal attempts or have had suicidal ideas; eating disorders, including bulimia and anorexia; sexual abuse and rape; pregnancy; alcohol and drug-related problems; and psychosomatic illness.

You are welcome to approach us yourself, or through a friend. Other sources of referrals include: health centre, chaplaincy, academic staff, Student’s Union, external agencies and family.

Practical/Educational Services:

The Counselling Service also provides training for individual /groups on study skills, exam skills and stress management. Educational and self-help information leaflets are available at the counsellor’s office and at other points around the college.

To arrange an appointment, phone the receptionist in the Student Health Centre 090 6468063, call into the Student Health Centre, or email

When you complete and return the registration forms, you’ll be placed on the waiting list, and an appointment will be emailed to you when a vacancy arises. Please check your emails frequently while you are on the waiting list.

We are here to help if you need us:

Treasa Fox, Psychologist/Senior Counsellor 090 6468064 email:

Helen Carberry, Counsellor 090 6468070 email: