Benefits of PASS

Benefits of PASS

PASS offers benefits to students and staff at all levels – to the school, the programme, first year students and PASS Leaders.

Benefits for First Year Students:

Peer Assisted Student Support is intended to provide a safe, friendly and supportive environment to help first year students:

  • adjust quickly to the demands of third level education
  • acquire a clear view of course direction and expectations
  • develop their independent learning and study skills to meet the requirements of higher education
  • enhance their understanding of the subject matter of their programme through collaborative group discussion
  • prepare better for assessed work and examinations
  • feel more at home among their peers
  • increase their confidence

Benefits for PASS Leaders:

By becoming a PASS Leader, you can:

  • development of their personal and professional skills such as leadership, team working, organising, time management, listening, interpersonal communication, facilitation and presentation skills;
  • increased confidence;
  • provides valuable experience to enhance their CVs;
  • provide an opportunity to gain credits or accreditation for their activities.

Benefits to Lecturers:

As a lecturer, you will see a number of benefits from Peer Assisted Student Support, including:

  • A reduction in the number of minor requests and queries from first year students, as PASS Leaders can act as a first point of contact for ‘specificinformation/queries’ on settling into college life.
  • Helps students to become better prepared for their lectures or/and tutorials.
  • Helps students to better manage their workload and keep up with course work and assignments distributed by the lecturer during the term.
  • Help students learn more effectively in a peer based group.
  • Leaders give regular feedback to the ‘PASS Programme Co-ordinator’ which feeds back to their school management and lecturers.

Benefits to Faculty:

Faculties and Departments that introduce Peer Assisted Student Support to programmes can expect to reap the following benefits:

  • PASS creates links between classes across the programme, which can help develop a more cohesive culture in your school/department.
  • The level of student involvement in – and ownership of – learning is increased.
  • Support can be targeted at the specific areas of a programme(s) that students find particularly challenging with an aim to improve student understanding.
  • PASS Leaders provide additional feedback for the Programme Boards.
  • Valuable additional student support which can be used to present the School or Department positively during institutional audits, subject reviews or marketing initiatives.
  • In the student PASS Leaders, the programme gains committed students who can help promote the course and even meet with internal or external reviewers.