Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Sexual health is an important issue to keep in mind if you are sexually active in Third Level. Remember, not everyone is sexually active and you shouldn’t feel pressurised into having sex. But if the time comes, it is important when engaging in sexual activity that consent it always given and that you and your partner are comfortable, regardless of gender or orientation. If you are thinking of having sex it is very important that you use protection by using contraceptives. Contraceptives are very important, they can help prevent pregnancy and the contraction of STIs. It is important to familiarise yourself with the many forms and what they do.

Tips to lower your risk of contracting an STI:

  • Limit your sexual partners
  • If having sex have safe sex - Free condoms always available in the Students Union and the Health Centre.
  • Go for regular STI screening (visit an STI clinic, talk to your GP or STI screening available at the TUS Student Sexual Health Service)

Student Sexual Health & Contraceptive appointments can be requested via:   during term-time. If you have symptoms of concern, please telephone student health Mon-Thurs before 11am on 0906468063 for same day nurse triage and prioritisation of appointment.

If you wish to avail of free home STI testing visit 

For more info on sexual health visit: