Options for Admission

    Ladder Approach to Higher Education

    If you have not received an offer of a Level 8 programme but still wish to receive an honours degree you may wish to consider the ladder approach. Many of our courses allow for progression from one Level to the next.

    Level 6 and 7 programmes often have lower points and entry requirements. This offers a route to a Level 8 qualification by first taking a 2 year Level 6 Higher Certificate programme, progressing to a 1 year add-on programme at Level 7 and then completing your final year at Level 8.

    There are usually no cost implications of completing your studies in this way, however on some courses you may be required to do an additional year of study to meet the requirements to graduate with an honours degree. Our Admissions staff are happy to discuss your options with you. Contact them at admissions.midlands@tus.ie

    Available Places

    CAO Available Places are places on programmes which are unfilled after all offers have been issued.

    Information on making an application is available on the CAO website (link below).

    This facility is for those who have not yet made an application but would like to begin university in September and those who have already applied via CAO.

    Application for available places will open on 31st August at midday.

  • CAO Available Places Application

  • ​The following Level 6 and 7 programmes are now available for application via CAO:

  • US611 – Business (Level 6)

  • US613 – Business (Sport and Recreation) (Level 6)

  • US630 – Culinary Arts (Level 6)

  • US632 – Bar Supervision (Level 6)

  • US662 – Applied Science (Level 6)

  • US794 - Hotel and Leisure Management (Level 7)

  • Direct Entry

    We have a number of Level 6 programmes which are not listed on the CAO. Interested applicants can apply to these courses directly to the TUS Admissions office. Please contact admissions.midlands@tus.ie for details.

    Applicants do not require CAO points to apply to a direct entry course, however, they must ensure they meet the entry requirements. Listed below are the courses which are available for direct entry. Please follow the links for course information which includes the entry requirements

  • Higher Certificate in Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

  • Higher Certificate in Engineering in Civil Engineering

  • Higher Certificate in Science in Software Design

  • Higher Certificate in Engineering in Computer Engineering