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    ​Accessing your Exam Results

    Nursing Year 4 - Results will be released from 12 noon Monday 2nd October


    All other students - Semester 3 results have now been released.


    Please ensure you have access to the NEW Banner9, see details below:

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    Due to the TUS Migration of your account which occurred on the 29th of May, it is important that you activate your new TUS Office 365 account prior to accessing your results. You will NOT be able to access your results without completing this.

    Please review the short video below which explains how to access your new TUS account:


    Further information can be found on the Webpage here: Student Account Migration to the New @student.tus.ie Environment - TUS Systems Integration FAQ - TUS

  • Follow this link to access the secure area where your results are published.

    Please ensure you have registered your new TUS Office 365 account prior to accessing your results - Select Banner9 Student

  • How to access your results

  • Component Grade Details

    You now have access to more information about your results. Download for an in depth look at the type of information you will see about your results.

  • Understanding your results

  • Marginal Fail Compensation

    Students may be eligible to compensate a failed grade. Download for an in depth look at the criteria which applies and some examples of the rules in action.

  • Options for Students after Autumn Repeats

    If you have not successfully completed all of your modules by the end of your Academic Year, there are several options available to you:

    1. Repeat and Attend (Retake)

    2. Sit exams as an external candidate (Resit)

    3. Progress and Carry

    For more information on each of these options, please download the document below.

  • Information regarding August Repeats, Repeat and Attend, Progress and Carry, Repeat as External Candidate

  • Application to Repeat for External Candidates

  • Application to Repeat Exams for EXTERNAL Candidates Only (Academic Year 2023 / 2024)

  • Repeat & Attend

  • Repeat and Attend Application Form

  • Repeat and Attend Fee Schedule

  • Academic Support & Advice for Students

    We provde Tutor Support and Counselling Services to assist students in the lead up to repeat exams.  

  • Contact our Tutors for additional Exam Preparation

    • Faculty Contacts details

      Faculty of Business and Hospitalitybusinessathlone@tus.ie 

      Tourism and Hospitality

      090 64 42579 or 090 64 71871

      Accounting and Business Computing

      090 64 42579  or 090 64 71892

      Business and Management

      090 64 42579  or 090 64 71892

      Faculty of Engineering and Informatics: eng@tus.ie 

      Faculty of Engineering & Informatics

      090 64 68151 or 090 64 83098

      Faculty of Science and Health: sciencehealth@tus.ie 

      Social Science

      090 6471834 or 090 6442558

      Sport & Health

      090 6471834 or 090 6468143

      Nursing & Healthcare

      090 6471828 or 090 6471836

      Bioveterinary & Microbial Sciences

      090 6471828 or 090 6468020

      Pharmaceutical Sciences & Biotechnology

      090 6471828 or 090 6468144


      Faculty of Continuing, Professional, Online and Distance Learning: flexiblelearning.midlands@tus.ie

  • Contact our TUS Counselling service

    Counselling Services

  • togetherall

    Access 24/7 advice from your peers

  • Library Supports for Repeating Students

  • TUS Academic Regulations & Code of Conduct

  • TUS Academic Regulations for Taught Programmes 2023 - 2024


  • Transcript and Parchment Requests

  • Accessing your Transcript - Current Students

    Transcripts for current students are available on Digitary, instructions are available here:

  • Transcript Request Form

  • Parchment Release Form

  • Duplicate Parchment Request Form