Please contact the exams office by emailing exams@ait.ie if you have any questions related to the following:

    - exam timetables

    - exam centres/venues and seating

    - exam invigilation

    - support for exam candidates requiring alternative arrangements

    - requesting an external exam sitting

    - transcripts and parchments

  • Autumn Exam Timetable

    Please check the details regularly as timetables are subject to change

  • Applying for Repeat Exams

  • Quick Reference Guide - Registering for repeat exams

  • Accessing your exam results

  • Understanding your results

  • Quick Reference Guide - How to Access Your Exam Results

  • Information for students with failed modules

  • Appealing your Results

  • Grounds for Appeal

  • Appeal of Exam Results Application Form

  • Transcript and Parchment Requests

    How to apply for a record of your results

  • Duplicate Parchment Request Form

  • Examination Regulations