Coronavirus (Covid-19) Updates

    The dedicated subsection on the institute website https://www.ait.ie/campus-updates/ will provide our campus community with regular, up-to-date information about COVID-19.

    Below you will find informaiton related to the following:

    - Results

    - Appeals

    - Progression

    - Repeating including Progress and Carry, Repeat and Attend and Repeating as an external candidate

    - Transcripts and Parchments


    If you cannot find the information you need on our website and need to discuss your personal circumstances please phone us on 09064 42560 or 09064 42547.

    You can also contact us by email from your AIT student account exams@ait.ie

    ​Options for students with outstanding modules

    If you have been unsuccessful in your semester 1 or 2 modules you are advised to apply to repeat these modules in the August repeat session.

    If you have not successfully completed all of your modules by the end of August academic year there are several options available to you.

    1. Repeat and Attend (Retake)

    2. Sit exams as an external candidate (Resit)

    3. Progress and Carry

    For more information on each of these options, please download the document below.

  • Information regarding August Repeats, Repeat and Attend, Progress and Carry, Repeat as External Candidate

  • Service to Students

    Information Session, Viewing Examination Scripts

  • Student Information Session - Sept 2020

    We go live at 11am on 16th Sept to answer any questions you have about the results you received

  • Student Information Session - June 2020

    The live Q&A has finished but our video guides are still available.

  • Late Application to Repeat Modules in August 2020

    The deadline to apply to repeat has now passed. PLease complete this online form as soon as possible if you intend to repeat in August 2020

  • Application Form for Repeat Exams for External Candidates Only

  • Repeat and Attend Application Form

  • Repeat and Attend Fee Schedule

  • Repeat and Attend Fee Schedule - Department of Lifelong Learning

  • ​Accessing your Exam Results

  • Access your exam results via the following link

    Please download this file for further information.

  • Quick Reference Guide - How to Access Your Exam Results

  • Understanding your results

  • Component Grade Details

    You now have access to more information about your results. Download for an in depth look at the type of information you will see about your results.

  • Marginal Fail Compensation

    We have introduced a new regulation which allows you to compensate a failed grade. Download for an in depth look at the criteria which applies and come examples of the new rules in action.

  • Appealing Your Results

    There are specific grounds under which an appeal may be made. These grounds are outlined in Section N of the Standards, Assessment and Awards Policy. The online application form for appeal is available below.

    Please contact the relevant faculty member if you wish to discuss your specific case or exams@ait.ie for general information on the appeals process.

    Appeal Application Deadline:

    Semester 1  - 12 noon, 6th February 2020

    Semester 2  – 12 noon, 17th June 2020

    Semester3/Repeat – 12 noon, 23rd Sept 2020

    Fee: €65 per module (refunded if the appeal is successful)

  • Grounds for Appeal

  • Appeal of Module Results Application Form: 16th Sept - 12 Noon 23rd Sept

  • Exam Rules and Regulations

  • Examination Regulations

  • Unauthorised Items

  • Transcript and Parchment Requests

  • Transcripts for the current academic year

    All current students will receive an electronic transcript of examination results (Grademailer) at the end of each Semester through the secure online system Digitary Core.

  • How to apply for a record of your results

  • Transcript Request Form

  • Parchment Release Form

  • Duplicate Parchment Request Form

  • Repeat Assessment Timetables

    Alternative assessment information is available on Moodle or has been emailed directly to you. Please note that no on-site exams will take place in August 2020.

    Faculty of Science and Health

  • Department of Nursing and Health Science

  • Department of Life and Physical Science

  • Department of Social Science

  • Department of Sport & Health Sciences

  • Faculty of Continuing, Professional, Online and Distance Learning

  • Department of Lifelong Learning - Timetable

  • Faculty of Engineering and Informatics

  • Department of Civil Engineering & Trades

  • Department of Electronics & Informatics

  • Department of Mechanical, Polymer and Design

  • Faculty of Business

  • Department of Business and Management

  • Department of Accounting and Business Computing

  • Department of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Studies

  • Extenuating Circumstances Applications

    If you feel that circumstances beyond your control may have had an impact on your studies or assessments, you can notify your Faculty Office of this through the completion of the form below. Such circumstances will be noted by the Faculty Office and considered by the Examination Board. These circumstances can include bereavement, illness, personal issues, or other exceptional events including Covid-19 specific issues.

  • Faculty of Science and Health Science - Extenuating Circumstances Form

  • Department of Lifelong Learning - Extenuating Circumstances Form

  • Faculty of Engineering - Extenuating Circumstances Form

  • Faculty of Business - Extenuating Circumstances Form