European Diploma Supplement

    The European Diploma Supplement (EDS) is issued to all graduates of higher education institutions in Europe in addition to their degree or certificate parchment. It provides information regarding the award which is not available on the official parchment such as modules studied and the results obtained. TUS issues EDS electronically, free of charge, via a secure website and a secure, official electronic document system, which uses legally compliant digital signature technologies.

    1. Go to digitary website.

    2. Click on the organisation icon (displayed below) on the login page.

    3. Select your Institution "Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands".

    4. You need to enter your TUS Computer Login (Student number) and Password and click Continue – [Alumni Graduates, who are no longer students in TUS – must use their Banner UserID and PIN to login]

    5. When you login you will see any documents available to you – you can print or share these documents with other third parties. It is recommended that you set up a personal email address & password – you may then login to Digitary using this email address.

    Further instructions can be found under Take a Tour and FAQs.

    Click here to login to view your EDS now.

    If you experience problems logging on or accessing your EDS email: