New Student Registration FAQs

Online Registration for

new entrants will open in August 2017.

You will receive Online Registration instructions in your registration pack which will be issued by post

Please see below responses to a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding New Entrants and acceptance of CAO Offers:

1. How do I accept an Offer?

ONLINE: Offers may be viewed and accepted online at the CAO web-site ( from 6.00 am on the Monday after the Leaving Certificate results have
issued. Please follow instructions on the CAO site.


BY POST: The procedure for accepting an offer received in the post is printed on the back of the offer notice. If you wish to accept an offer, you must return the appropriate part of the notice to the CAO, Tower House, Eglinton Street, Galway to arrive no later than 5.15 pm on the Reply Date. As only one offer may be accepted, care is required to return the correct part. You are also advised to obtain a certificate of posting.

2. I’m thinking of deferring for a year?

An applicant who receives an offer and wishes to defer taking up the place for one year should submit their request in writing stating the reason for the deferral request to the
Admissions Office, Athlone Institute of Technology, Dublin, Athlone. You must also include the offer notice from the CAO which states the course that you wish to defer. Such agreement is not guaranteed and is totally at the discretion of AIT.

3. How do I know that my acceptance has been registered?

For those who have accepted an offer online, on completion of the procedure you can print out an acceptance receipt and then check your acceptance online after three working days. Formal confirmation of receipt of acceptance will also be made by post within 3 working days of the Reply Date.

4. What if I have received more than one offer from the CAO?

ONLINE: - Click View/Accept Offers then simply enter your 8 digit CAO number and your date of birth. You can then specify one course of your choice from a list of courses available to be accepted.

BY POST: - On the CAO Standard Offer Notice, the Level 8 and Level 7/Level 6 lists operate independently, so it is quite possible to receive two offers simultaneously on Parts B and C of the Offer Notice. In this case, you can only accept one offer and must disregard the other. Should both parts be returned, the CAO at its sole discretion will record an acceptance for only one course, the other will lapse.

In making your choice, it’s worth noting that while Level 8 Courses are well favoured, Level 6/Level 7 Courses in the desired subject are excellent qualifications in their own right, with excellent employment prospects and opportunities for further studies with a well-established route from Level 6 to Level 7 to Level 8. Remember also that accepting or rejecting an offer from either list at this stage will not exclude you from being offered a higher preference from either or both lists in later rounds, assuming there are
vacancies available and points fall sufficiently.

5. What if I have been offered a course from the Level 7/Level 6 List, but nothing from the Level 8 List?

This would suggest that you don’t have enough points or meet the minimum entry requirements for your Level 8 choices. You can accept your Level 7/Level 6 offer now and could receive an offer of a Level 8 course in later rounds should the points fall sufficiently and you meet the minimum entry requirements.

6. What if I get my first preference but I don’t want it?

If you’re offered your first preference in either the Level 8 or Level 7/Level 6 list it is assumed that you’ve been offered what you really wanted and no further offers will be made from that list for that Level. The basic rule is that only higher preference choices can be offered in later rounds. At this point, you will need to carefully consider all your options, which for some may even include re-applying through the CAO the following year.

7. Can I still change my mind at this stage?

No, there is no facility at this stage to change your course choices or the order of preference. The closing date for the CAO Change of Mind Option is 1st July.

8. I seem to have enough points but haven’t been offered the course – why?

In addition to points, each higher education institution has its own basic minimum entry requirements and some courses may also require particular subjects/grades regarded as relevant to your course choice. Just in case, you should re-calculate your points based on your six best subjects of one sitting of the Leaving Certificate, taking into account that institutions differ in the points they award for LCVP results, and check the AIT prospectus for minimum entry and specific course requirements. If you don’t meet the minimum or specific course requirements, an * will appear immediately to the right of a Course Code on Part A of the Offer Notice, indicating the educational institution in question considers you ineligible for admission to that course. It is also possible, that if there is an * beside the points required for the course on the CAO points table printed in national newspapers, that random selection applies in your case. This means that not everyone with that number of points was offered a place. You will have to wait for the second round to see if any vacancies arise.

9. If I accept or reject an offer, could I still receive a further offer in subsequent rounds?

Accepting or rejecting an offer from either list at this stage will not exclude you from being offered a higher preference from either or both lists in later rounds, assuming points
fall sufficiently and you meet the minimum entry requirements.

10. What about Available places?

Should any places remain unfilled in a particular course after all offers have been made and the waiting lists of applicants meeting minimum entry requirements have been exhausted, such available places may be advertised and listed on the CAO website ( If you have not applied to the CAO previously, you may make an available place application to the CAO online. If you have already applied to the CAO you may add an available place course to your list if preferences.