European Diploma Supplement

What is the European Diploma Supplement?

The European Diploma Supplement (EDS) is issued to all graduates of Higher Education Institutions in Europe in addition to their degree or certificate parchment. It provides information regarding the award which is not available on the official parchment such as modules studied and the results obtained. It will be of great use as part of curriculum vitae and increasingly employers may demand to see it. It is an important document which measures in detail your achievement.

The European Diploma Supplement was developed jointly by UNESCO and The Council of Europe in order to provide information which can easily be understood by employers and academic institutions internationally.

To view a sample of the AIT Diploma Supplement Document click on the following link:

Sample AIT Diploma Supplement Document

The Diploma Supplement document will be issued to graduates from 2005 onwards in electronically signed format. It is free of charge.

To access your European Diploma Supplement follow these simple steps:

  • Have your AIT Student ID and PIN to hand
  • Access our EDS login page (External Link)
  • Enter your Student ID in the Student ID field
  • Enter your PIN in the PIN field
  • Click the login button.
  • To view a User Guide giving details on how to access and share your EDS click on the User Guide link under the Option menu.

If you experience problems logging on or access your EDS please feel free to email us.