Policies & Procedures

General Policies

Code of Conduct for Employees

Diginity & Respect Policy

Disciplinary Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy Revised May 2017

Foreign Travel Declaration Form (Non-EU)

Grievance Policy

Professional Development Policy updated June 2018

Sick Leave Policies

AIT Absence Management Policy

Revised Sick Leave Arrangements for all Staff in Institutes of Technology CL 0062/2015

Guide to new Sick Leave

Public Service Sick Leave Scheme FAQs

Covid 19 Policies

Covid-19 Sick Leave Procedure

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Arrangements for all Public Service employees

Application For Special Leave With Pay (COVID19)

Declaration Form Restricted Movement (COVID19)

Guidance and FAQs for Public Service Employers during COVID-19

Family Leave Policies

Adoptive Leave Policy

Maternity Leave Policy

Maternity Information Booklet

Parental Leave Policy

Parent's Leave

Paternity Leave Policy

Citizen's information website: Family Leave information

Other Leave Policies

Annual Leave Policy and Procedure

Annual Leave Revised Arrangements CL 009/2014

Annual Leave Revised Arrangements Amendment CL 009/2014

Career Break

Compassionate Leave Allowances

Flexi Time Policy

Force Majeure Leave Policy

Procedure for Electronic Time Recording

Time in Lieu Policy

Unpaid Leave Policy - Non Academic Staff

Work Share Scheme - Non-Academic Staff

Citizens Information Website: Other Leave Types


Progression Assistant Lecturer to Lecturer

Progression Assistant Lecturer to Lecturer Dean of Faculty & HoD

Progression Requirements

Progression Requirements Trades & Crafts

Progression Assistant Lecturer to Lecturer Applicant Trades & Crafts


Recruitment, Selection & Appointments