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    Risk Assessment

    Section 20 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 requires that in preparing its safety management systems, the Institute as employer, is required to identify the hazards and assess the risks in the place of work under its control. The Institute meets this requirement through its safety management systems and its responsible management (i.e. AIT Organisational Structure for the Management of Health & Safety - see Appendix 1 of the AIT Parent Safety Statement).

    In accordance with the Institute Parent Safety Statement and its safety management systems, each Institute manager is responsible for managing and organising the risk assessment process for all work activities performed by their Unit (e.g. Academic department), and for areas (e.g. laboratories, process facilities and workshops) where their Institute Unit’s activities are performed.

    In the majority of cases an Institute manager will consult with his staff who will support fully the hazard identification and risk assessment process for their AIT Unit (Note: the AIT Unit Must keep a written record of the performed risk assessments).

    Staff should not be put off by the idea of risk assessment and should avoid considering it over complicated, difficult to complete or unnecessary; risk assessment is a cornerstone of good health and safety management.

    A Risk Assessment is simply the need to look closely at what is in your AIT Unit’s work activities, what could cause harm to you or persons in the vicinity of the work activity and determining the control measures that can be implemented to minimise the risk.

    Remember; a risk assessment is only effective if the AIT manager and reporting staff act on it. You must follow through with any actions required and review it on a regular basis.

    To assist with supporting the risk assessment process the Institute has prepared a Generic Risk Assessment Guidance Document to support managers and staff of Faculties, Departments, Research Institutes, & Campus Companies understanding and undertaking Risk Assessments. (Note some identified hazards, e.g. Chemical hazards or Biological Hazards may require a more extensive RA process and in these instances a manager should consult with the Institute H&S Office).

  • AIT Generic Risk Assessment Guidance

    AIT Generic Risk Assessment Guidance