Examination Results


Your User ID and PIN will be sent to your student email account before 10.30am on the morning of the result issue.

Accessing your Results

Click on Enter Secure Area. This opens up the User Login screen.

Enter the User ID (student ID number with a capital A) and PIN that was provided in the email and then click on login (your PIN will always be a 6 digit number)

If this is your first time logging into the Student Self Service, you will be advised that your PIN has expired and will be prompted to change your PIN. This is an added layer of security.

Click on this Exam Results Link to access your results.

Students are advised to attend the briefing session for Student with Failed Modules on Monday January 30th at 12 noon in Room B57.

Problems accessing your results? Phone: 090 6442560/6442547 or Email: exams@ait.ie

For queries on the content of your exam results: Please contact your department numbers are listed below.

School Name Contact Phone Numbers
Dept of Sport & Health Science 090 6468143
090 6471834
Dept of Life & Physical Science 090 6468144
090 6471828
Dept of Nursing 090 6471836

090 6471828
Dept of Design 090 6442558
Dept of Social Sciences 090 6471834
Dept of Lifelong Learning 090 6483052
090 6483053
090 6483054
Depts of Business, Accounting & Computing 090 6483039
090 6442580

090 6442579
Dept of Hotel,Tourism & Leisure Studies 090 6471871
Faculty of Engineering & Informatics 090 6483098

Briefing sessions following result release:

Faculty of Business and Hospitality : Service to Students

If you wish to meet a member of the lecturing staff to discuss your semester one examination result, he/she will be available on
Thursday 2 February between 2 and 3pm.

It is essential that you email the relevant staff member in advance to book an appointment.

Faculty of Engineering & Informatics : Service to Students

Students who have queries about their examination results in the Faculty of Engineering & Informatics following their release on Friday 27th January may arrange to meet lecturers by contacting them and making a mutually suitable arrangement.

Registration Department:

Please Note - Exam results/entry to repeat session will not be available to students with fees outstanding.

Tel: 090 648 3044

Email registration@ait.ie

Fees & Grants Office:

Tel 090 646 8135

Tel 090 6468134

Email studentfinance@ait.ie