Policies & Procedures

General Policies

Code of Conduct for Employees

Diginity & Respect Policy

Disciplinary Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy Revised May 2017

Foreign Travel Declaration Form (Non-EU)

Grievance Policy

Professional Development Policy updated June 2018

Sick Leave Policies

AIT Absence Management Policy

Revised Sick Leave Arrangements for all Staff in Institutes of Technology CL 0062/2015

Guide to new Sick Leave

Public Service Sick Leave Scheme FAQs

Covid 19 Policies

Application For Special Leave With Pay (COVID19)


Guidance and FAQs for Public Service Employers during COVID-19

Family Leave Policies

Adoptive Leave Policy

Maternity Leave Policy

Maternity Information Booklet

Parental Leave Policy

Parent's Leave

Paternity Leave Policy

Citizen's information website: Family Leave information

Other Leave Policies

Annual Leave Policy and Procedure

Annual Leave Revised Arrangements CL 009/2014

Annual Leave Revised Arrangements Amendment CL 009/2014

Career Break

Compassionate Leave Allowances

Flexi Time Policy

Force Majeure Leave Policy

Procedure for Electronic Time Recording

Time in Lieu Policy

Unpaid Leave Policy - Non Academic Staff

Work Share Scheme - Non-Academic Staff

Citizens Information Website: Other Leave Types


Progression Assistant Lecturer to Lecturer

Progression Assistant Lecturer to Lecturer Dean of Faculty & HoD

Progression Requirements

Progression Requirements Trades & Crafts

Progression Assistant Lecturer to Lecturer Applicant Trades & Crafts


Recruitment, Selection & Appointments