Application Forms

Ensure that you do the following;

  • Research the employer and job
  • Matching yourself to the job
  • Academic qualifications
  • Personal qualities - give concrete examples
  • Be somebody special - make the most of your selling points
  • Photocopy blank form
  • Use black pen
  • Pay attention to “open-ended” questions
  • Be careful of grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Do not have any section blank, unless it is quite obviously inappropriate to you
  • Attach an extra page if required - but label it!
  • Remember that the appearance of the form is the first impression you will give before a word is read
  • If sending the application form direct to employer, attach a Covering Letter
  • Keep a photocopy for yourself.

If you are really interested in the job you will take time and trouble over the application. If not, you will not - and the employer will know it.