Student IT Problems and IT Passwords

AIT students, sign in to your email & OneDrive account through this link:

Office 365 Portal

AIT has a password reset facility for students. You must firstly register for password reset by answering 7 security questions.

The Internet Explorer web browser should be used when accessing student email (please do not use other browsers as they can cause problems with accessing your email account)

Please note that this facility is currently only available on the AIT Campus – it cannot currently be accessed outside of AIT.

Please ensure you remember the answers to the questions for future use.

Register for the student password reset facility by clicking here.

If you have registered for the student password reset facility and you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking here.

This document shows the steps involved in registering for password and using the password reset facility download the:

AIT Student Self Service Password Reset Facility

If you have not registered for student password reset facility or you are experiencing any other IT difficulties with AIT IT equipment, please log a help request be clicking on the link below:

Click here to log an IT problem

Please note that Computer Services Department can only investigate problems with AIT equipment and not with personal devices (such as laptops, smart phones etc.)

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