Staff email settings

AIT staff emailis now hosted in Microsoft’s Office 365. Staff can access their email via the following link:

Configuring your smart phone for AIT Staff Email

AIT Staff Email

The recent email migration project has resulted in the necessity to reconfigure email on smart phones. This can be done by deleting the existing account (ensuring you backup necessary settings e.g. contacts, as per your device instructions) and creating a new email account connection on your smart phone. Smart phones vary greatly in what information is required to create an email account connection. More information can be found here:Phone and tablet setup reference.

Use the following data where appropriate for your device.

More information can be found under the FAQ Section of the AIT IT Helpdesk. (Login is required to access the FAQs).

  1. Where required, accounts should be added as Microsoft Exchange or ActiveSync.
  2. Your AIT email address ( and password.
  3. Where required, username/user ID is the same as your email address (
  4. Where required, the appropriate server name is: