You’ve checked our prospectus and CAO courses online. Maybe you’ve spoken with one of our student ambassadors, visited us on Open Day, or checked out our CAO Hub

Did you come to Athlone and attend a short taster class in the subject you’re interested in? Perhaps we came out to visit your school or your school guidance counsellor has explored the excellent academic offering AIT has for you.

If you’re interested in exploring any of the guidance options above, contact us at to arrange a school visit. 

Once you’ve chosen the course, or courses, in AIT that matches your interest and academic strengths, you need to apply via the CAO (Central Admissions Office) system, the primary route in Ireland for school-leavers wishing to enter third-level education.

All NFQ Level 6, Level 7 and Level 8 courses are available through the CAO system. Your school guidance department should be able to guide you through the application process or you can contact CAO directly. Take time to really think through your application, and most importantly, put your real first choice first! With 65 undergraduate qualifications available at AIT, you’ll find something to suit most interests and skill sets.

Please note that applicants interested in our popular Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design must also separately submit a portfolio and sketchbooks for consideration; all details are available on the degree page.

AIT is a participant in both the HEAR and DARE schemes. Visit for further details or contact 

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