HR Policies & Procedures


  • Code of Conduct for Employees
  • Diginity & Respect Policy
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Equal Opportunities Policy Revised May 2017
  • Foreign Travel Decleration Form (Non-EU)
  • Foreign Travel Policy
  • Grievance Policy
  • Professional Development Policy updated June 2018
  • Staff Handbook

Sick Leave

  • Revised Sick Leave Arrangements for all Staff in Institutes of Technology CL 0062/2015
  • Public Service Management Regulations 2015 SI No 384
  • Guide to new Sick Leave
  • Public Service Sick Leave Scheme FAQs
  • Revised Arrangements for Uncertified Sick Leave
  • Policy & Procedures for Management of Illness Related Absences

Child Related Leave

Other Leave


  • Progression Assistant Lecturer to Lecturer
  • Progression Assistant Lecturer to Lecturer Dean of Faculty & HoD
  • Progression Requirements
  • Trades & Crafts Applicants
  • Progression Requirements Trades & Crafts
  • Progression Assistant Lecturer to Lecturer Applicant Trades & Crafts


  • Recruitment, Selection & Appointments

Core Portal (Employee Self Service)

  • ESS Guide Hourly Paid Employees
  • ESS Guide Non Academic Salaried Employees
  • ESS Guide Payslip only
  • ESS Guide Academic Salaried Employees
  • CSS Salaried Employees ESS Guide

Faculty of Policies & Procedures News

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