HR Policies & Procedures


  • Code of Conduct for Employees
  • Diginity & Respect Policy
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Equal Opportunities Policy Revised May 2017
  • Foreign Travel Decleration Form (Non-EU)
  • Foreign Travel Policy
  • Grievance Policy
  • Professional Development Policy updated June 2018
  • Staff Handbook

Sick Leave

  • Revised Sick Leave Arrangements for all Staff in Institutes of Technology CL 0062/2015
  • Public Service Management Regulations 2015 SI No 384
  • Guide to new Sick Leave
  • Public Service Sick Leave Scheme FAQs
  • Revised Arrangements for Uncertified Sick Leave
  • Policy & Procedures for Management of Illness Related Absences

Child Related Leave

Other Leave


  • Progression Assistant Lecturer to Lecturer
  • Progression Assistant Lecturer to Lecturer Dean of Faculty & HoD
  • Progression Requirements
  • Trades & Crafts Applicants
  • Progression Requirements Trades & Crafts
  • Progression Assistant Lecturer to Lecturer Applicant Trades & Crafts


  • Recruitment, Selection & Appointments

Core Portal (Employee Self Service)

  • ESS Guide Hourly Paid Employees
  • ESS Guide Non Academic Salaried Employees
  • ESS Guide Payslip only
  • ESS Guide Academic Salaried Employees
  • CSS Salaried Employees ESS Guide

Faculty of Policies & Procedures News

AIT Counselling Service Partners with 24/7 Crisis Text Helpline

19 Oct

Third National SURE Conference Celebrating Undergraduate Research to Take Place Virtually

15 Oct

3Set Delivers Ireland’s First Student Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Framework

10 Oct

AIT - LIT Consortium Awarded €5 Million to Progress TU Ambition

08 Oct

Cambridge Fellow Delivers Guest Lecture to Pharmaceutical Science Students

05 Oct

AIT Moves Lectures and Tutorials Online for Two Weeks

28 Sep