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Career Break

Cost Neutral

This scheme was introduced in 2005 whereby members from the age of 50 in the case of those with a minimum retirement age of 60 or age 55 for those who are new entrants i.e. minimum retirement age 65 can apply for a actuarially reduced superannuation benefit.

Further information can be obtained from:Circular Letter Pen 05/05 – Public Service Pension Reform: Introduction of cost-neutral early retirement.

Please note that if you wish to avail of this scheme, you must apply in writing as specified in paragraph 13.

Circular Letters

Education sector temporary retirement age arrangements

Circular Letter PEN 0305: New scheme for the award of Professional Added Years to certain new entrant staff of the Civil and Public Service

Circular 18/2015: Changes to the Public Service Pension Reduction (PSPR) And Extension of Grace Period

Public Service Pension Reform Revised arrangements for certain part-time public servants

Implementation of Pension Arrangements for Part Time employees as outlined in Circular Letter 25/2008

Public Service Pension Reform: Revised rate of compound interest for use in the calculation of refunds to the Exchequer

Personal Fund Threshold

STF Budget 2014 letter Issued

Circular 18/2017: Single Public Service Pension Scheme – Cost Neutral Early Retirement

Notional Service

Employees that will fall short of the maximum reckonable service i.e. 40 years at retirement, it is possible for them to purchase additional notional service at full actuarial cost to themselves. The cost of purchasing notional service is calculated using actuarial rates which are based on a person’s age at their next birthday and the rate of PRSI which they pay i.e. Class D or Class A.

If you are interested in purchasing notional service, you should read and note the terms and conditions of purchasing notional service which are outlined in the relevant Circular Letters:

Circular Letter S.8/90 (original scheme)

Circular Letter 0125/06 revised scheme October 2006

Professional Added Years

Professional Added Years is a scheme which may be availed of by professional, technical and specialised staff, whereby the minimum qualification and experience requirements pertaining to a post to which they were recruited, refrains them from attaining the maximum 40 years service by the age of 65. Further information may be obtained from Circular Letters S.6/87 Added years for superannuation purposes , which was subsequently revised with the issue of Circular Letter Pen 23/05 Public Service Pension Reform: Professional Added Years

In 2005 a revised Professional Added Years Scheme was issued for certain new entrant staff of the Civil and Public Service recruited by a competition advertised on or after 1st April, 2005. Please note that in the case of new entrants, this scheme replaces ALL existing schemes for the award of professional added years.

Should you wish to apply for Professional Added Years, you should complete the relevant section of the application form and return it to the Pensions Section of the Human Resources Department.You should note that this award cannot be formally sanctioned until cessor of employment.

Acting Up Allowance and Superannuation

Circular Letter S 17 of 1997 Reckonability of Acting Up

Supplementary Pension

Single Pension Scheme

If you joined the Public Service for the first time on or after 1 January 2013 and are working in apensionable position, this is generally the Pension Scheme that applies to you.

Circular 11/2014: Single Public Service Pension Scheme: Benefits Calculation and Statements for Members

Circular 09/2015: Single Public Service Pension Scheme: Notification of position on Consumer Price Index (CPI) uprating of Referable Amounts, and certain operational matters

Circular 13/2016: Single Public Service Pension Scheme – Notification of Consumer Price Index (CPI) Uprating of Referable Amounts and Pensions

Circular 03/2017: Accrual of Referable Amounts under the Single Public Service Pension Scheme while on Sick Leave

Circular 15/2019: Purchase and Transfer of Retirement Benefits under the Single Public Service Pension Scheme

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