Scholarships and Funding

Technological University of the Shannon's Athlone Campus offers a wide range of scholarships, funding and supports for prospective and current students to avail of. 

  • JL Goor Scholarships

    Open to entry for first-year students pursuing a polymer degree at TUS Athlone, JL Goor Scholarships are funded by JL Goor and the IOM (Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining).These scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and personal achievement. Students apply for these scholarships towards the end of their first year of study. Scholarship recipients receive a bursary of €1,000 for each of the remaining three years of study towards a polymer engineering degree pending continued good academic standing. More information is available from

  • Radisson Blu Scholarships

    A partnership between TUS Athlone and Radisson Blu, prospective students interested in obtaining a qualification such as a Higher Certificate in Culinary Arts, Higher Certificate in Bar Supervision and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Hospitality Management are eligible to apply for a scholarship, which are valued at €1000 each. Through the scholarships, Radisson Blu can pinpoint and nurture up-and-coming talent within the hospitality and tourism industry, identifying best people early on and securing talent for employment in their hotels. The progressive initiative is a natural extension of TUS Athlone's relationship with Radisson Blu, which includes student work placements, guest lectures, site visits, graduate jobs and Springboard+ courses. For more information, email

  • Panelto Foods Scholarships

    A brand-new scholarship coming on stream for 2022, Panelto Foods, a state-of-the-art bakery in Longford which produces a range of high-quality frozen par-baked breads for major retailers' in-store bakeries and café chains across Ireland, the UK and Europe, will fund eight TUS students with scholarships of €1,000 each, awarded to candidates in culinary arts (2), engineering (4) and business (2) disciplines. The eight scholarships will be awarded to excellent students, who demonstrate passion for their industry and perform well in their university course. TUS Athlone's partnership with Panelto Foods involves collaboration on a number of key areas, including scholarships, site visits, collaborations on work placements and research projects. For more information, please email

  • Scholarships of Excellence

    Scholarships of Excellence were inaugurated to acknowledge the academic endeavours of high-achieving students and are bestowed upon all first-year TUS Athlone students who attain more than 500 points in their Leaving Certificate exams. Achieving such results puts students into the top 20% of CAO applicants and demonstrates a high level of commitment and dedication to their studies. Each scholarship recipient receives a bursary of €500 and a comprehensive gym membership, giving them access to TUS Athlone's state-of-the-art facilities for the academic year. 

  • Sports Scholarship: Elite and Academy

    TUS Athlone (formerly AIT) has operated a sports scholarship scheme since 1996 for students who have reached, or have the potential to reach, a very high standard of performance in their chosen sport.

    The Scholarship operates on two levels: A Gold Scholarship is worth up to the value of €4,000 in supports, which includes the use of our sports facilities, physical therapy, individual strength & conditioning coaching, functional screening assessments, cookery demonstrations, academic support, nutritional advice, performance lifestyle management, sports psychology support, skill acquisition support and athletic development funding.

    An Academy Scholarship includes many of the supports listed above for those aspiring to the Gold level and is worth up to the value of €2500.

    More information can be found here.

  • Ericsson Scholarship (Postgraduate)

    A flagship master's for TUS Athlone, the MSc in Applied Software Engineering is an exciting one-year programme, funded by Ericsson and ICT Skillnet, which covers the entire software development lifecycle – from the fundamentals of computing and software design to implementation and testing. The master's is free to all participants, offers a stipend to offset living costs and results in a full-time permanent job with Ericsson in Athlone upon satisfactory completion of the programme. Entry to the programme is on the basis of a competitive selection process. For more information, visit

  • 1916 Student Bursary

    Socio-economically disadvantaged students from communities with traditionally low participation in third-level education can avail of a special student assistance fund known as the 1916 Bursary. The bursary, which provides up to €5,000 to students each year for the duration of their undergraduate studies, helps increase the number of students currently underrepresented in high education. This is a targeted funding scheme established by the Department of Education and Skills. Students from ethnic minorities, such as Irish Travellers, are among those who benefit from TUS's participation in the scheme. For more information and to apply, click here

  • Uversity Scholarships

    Uversity scholarships are intended to remove financial barriers so that adult learners can unlock their potential and realise their ambitions. Scholarships can be in any subject area and are tailored to recipients’ financial circumstances to cover the costs associated with higher education. Successful candidates must be able to demonstrate academic potential, a clear motivation and ambition for returning to education, a drive to succeed, strong work ethic and financial need. TUS Athlone student Darren Muldoon was one such recipient of the higher education scholarship last year. Darren, who returned to education in 2015 to complete the TUS Athlone Access programme (formerly AIT Access), commenced a bachelor’s degree in engineering at TUS Athlone in September 2021. The TUS Athlone Access pathway is specifically designed to equip early learners with the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to return to education and obtain employment. Now, with the support of a Uversity scholarship, Darren can continue his study, after which he intends to complete a master’s degree and then secure his dream job as an engineering manager. Click here to learn more and to apply

  • KickStart Scholarship Fund

    Applications for the KickStart Scholarship are now open. Please review the Application Timeline 2022/2023 for information on the key dates. 

    The KickStart Scholarship Fund is a newly established scholarship, established by the Probation Service, and supported by the Irish Prison Service, to support persons with a criminal justice history who are experiencing socio-economic disadvantage to access higher education (HE). These scholarships meet a strategic objective of the Working to Change social enterprise and employment strategy 2021-2023 (

    There are two KickStart Scholarships available this year: 

    • One scholarship of €5000 per year of undergraduate study to a maximum of €20,000 over 4 years of a full-time course or 6 years of a part-time course. 
    • One scholarship of €1250 for each year of undergraduate study to a maximum of €5000 over 4 years of a full-time course or 6 years of a part-time course.

    Click here to learn more and to apply. 

  • Student Assistance Fund (SAF)

    The TUS Athlone Student Assistance Fund (SAF) provides financial assistance for students who are experiencing financial difficulty whilst attending college. The fund provides a further source of funding for higher education students in addition to the SUSI grant. Students who need support with the costs of attending university, including food, travel, books and class materials, can apply to this fund. Learn more here.

  • Laptop On Loan Scheme

    Students who do not have access to a laptop and cannot afford to purchase one, can apply directly to the TUS Laptop on Loan Scheme for a computer, which they can keep throughout their studies. The Laptop On Loan scheme is a targeted scheme funded by the Department of Education and Skills to help disadvantaged students. For more information and to apply, click here