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Dept Of Nursing Health Science Contacts

Sinead Bracken See Profile for Sinead Bracken 0906468019 Lecturer in Psychology J2019
Dr. Dr Desmond Cawley See Profile for Dr Desmond Cawley Lecturer in Department of Nursing and Healthcare J1019
Lorraine Gaffney See Profile for Lorraine Gaffney (090) 6442510 Lecturer in Nursing J2021
Dr Patricia Heavey See Profile for Dr Patricia Heavey (090) 6468095 Lecturer and Course Co-ordinator Health Science and Nutrition J1015
Dr. Lisa Kerr See Profile for Lisa Kerr 00353 9064 42525 Lecturer in Nursing Studies J2019
Dr. Laura Dempsey See Profile for Laura Dempsey 090 648 3021 Lecturer J1018
Dr. Mary McDonnell/Naughton See Profile for Mary McDonnell/Naughton (090) 6471867 Lecturer in Nursing and Health Sciences J1020
Dr. Miriam O’Connor See Profile for Miriam O’Connor 0906468078 Lecturer and Dental Nursing Programme and Placement Coordinator E52
Ms. Lisa Sweeney See Profile for Lisa Sweeney 0906468061 Assistant Lecturer J2021