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Dept Of Hospitality Tourism Leisure Studies Contacts

Aileen Kelly See Profile for Aileen Kelly F2687
Kelly Gallagher See Profile for Kelly Gallagher (090) 6442529 Lecturer in Culinary Skills and Food Tourism F1613
Georgina Hogan See Profile for Georgina Hogan (090) 6471871 Department Administrator F2700
Dr. Tony Johnston See Profile for Dr. Tony Johnston (090) 6471894 Director of Research Development, Faculty of Business and Hospitality --
Michelle McKeon-Bennett See Profile for Michelle McKeon-Bennett (090) 646 8290 Dean of Faculty, Business and Hospitality B06
Margaret O’Loghlen See Profile for Margaret O’Loghlen (090) 6442522 Lecturer F1617
Sinead Purtill See Profile for Sinead Purtill (090) 6442520 Lecturer F1614
Joe Tierney See Profile for Joe Tierney (090) 6442526 Lecturer F2526
Kevin Ward See Profile for Kevin Ward (090) 6442514 Lecturer in Culinary Arts F2700