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Dept Of Electronics Computer Software Eng Contacts

Name Image Telephone Email Position Room
Cynthia Bradley See Profile for Cynthia Bradley (090) 6468144 Department of Life & Physical Science Administrator
Jenny Cooper See Profile for Jenny Cooper (090) 6483053
Janine King See Profile for Janine King (090) 6483054
Maria Slevin See Profile for Maria Slevin (090) 6483052
John Carroll See Profile for John Carroll Evenings and Saturday mornings
International Office – General information See Profile for International Office – General information + 353 (0)90 646 8273 International Office – General information
President SU See Profile for President SU 0906468067 SU Office
Admissions See Profile for Admissions 09-06468130/8131
Exams See Profile for Exams 0906442560/2547
Student Finance See Profile for Student Finance 0906468134/8135
Lynn Allen See Profile for Lynn Allen Assistant Lecturer in Athletic and Rehabilitation Therapy E2324
Nick Allen See Profile for Nick Allen 0906483043 Programme Manager – New Frontiers K207
Dr. Paul Archbold See Profile for Paul Archbold (090) 6442552 Lecturer Z303
Cyril Barnicle See Profile for Cyril Barnicle (090) 6468161 Lecturer U309
John Barrett See Profile for John Barrett (090) 6468180 Assistant Lecturer in Software Design and Game Development W305
Katherine Begley See Profile for Katherine Begley 0906483044 Office Administrator
Tom Bennett See Profile for Tom Bennett (090) 6468185 Lecturer in Department of Electronics, Computer and Software W305
John Benton See Profile for John Benton (090) 6468281 Lecturer in Graphic Design E1182(A)
Valerie Besler See Profile for Valerie Besler (090) 6468226 Lecturer in Politics E3215
Richard Blake See Profile for Richard Blake Enterprise Development Manager K207
Mary Bohan See Profile for Mary Bohan 0906468125 Access Office Administrator D07
Dr. Mary C. Booth See Profile for Mary C. Booth (090) 6442543 Lecturer in Biotechnology and Toxicology E2316
Helen Bradley See Profile for Helen Bradley (090) 6468143 Department of Sport & Health Secretary
Joan Bradley See Profile for Joan Bradley 0906483075 Finance Administration
Dr. Damien Brady See Profile for Damien Brady (090) 6468080 Lecturer in Microbiology E2306
Cian Bregazzi-Nevin See Profile for Cian Bregazzi-Nevin (090) 6471890 Lecturer in Mechanical & Renewable Energy Engineering Y303
Betty Brennan See Profile for Betty Brennan 0906442560 Exams Officer
Gordon Brett See Profile for Gordon Brett 0906442565 Sports/Recreation Manager Sports Office
Louise Brierty See Profile for Louise Brierty (090) 6483098 Faculty of Engineering & Informatics Administrator
Mike Broderick See Profile for Mike Broderick Science Tutor/Lecturer in Chemistry and Environmental Science E2310
Dr. Concepta Brougham See Profile for Concepta Brougham (090) 6471880 Lecturer/Researcher in Department Life & Physical Sciences E2320
Dr. Teresa Brown See Profile for Teresa Brown (090) 6468282 Lecturer in Social Care E3219
Betty Buckley See Profile for Betty Buckley 0906483058 Finance Manager
Fiona Budds See Profile for Fiona Budds (090) 6471816 Lectuer in Marketing Management and Digital Marketing F2697
Elsi Maribel Burgoyne See Profile for Elsi Maribel Burgoyne Lecturer in Department of Social Science and Design E3216
Dr. Niall Burke See Profile for Niall Burke Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering V305
Caroline Burke See Profile for Caroline Burke (090) 6471804
Dr. Declan Byrne See Profile for Declan Byrne (090) 6468166 Lecturer in Software Engineering U310
Assumpta Byrne See Profile for Assumpta Byrne 0906442592 Systems Librarian
Anna Camon See Profile for Anna Camon 06721282 Lecturer in Equine
Helen Carberry See Profile for Helen Carberry 0906468070 hcarberry Counselling Service C2366
Susan Carroll See Profile for Susan Carroll (090) 6483061 Administrator – Research, Innovation & Enterprise RH225
Father. Seamus Casey See Profile for Seamus Casey 0906468065 Chaplin/Pastoral Care Pastoral Office
Marc Cashin See Profile for Marc Cashin (090) 6468267 Lecturer in Business Management and Supply Chain Management E2324
Ciarán Ó Catháin See Profile for Ciarán Ó Catháin Lecturer in Sports Science and Exercise Physiology E2323
Prof. Ciarán Ó Catháin See Profile for Prof. Ciarán Ó Catháin (090) 6468101 President
Dr. Desmond Cawley See Profile for Desmond Cawley Lecturer in Department of Nursing and Health Science J1019
Edel Chadwick See Profile for Edel Chadwick (090) 6442573 Lecturer in Polymer Technology V301
Dr. Niamh Ní Chéilleachair See Profile for Niamh Ní Chéilleachair Lecturer in Sports Science E2323
Oonagh Claffey See Profile for Oonagh Claffey (090) 6442501 Lecturer in Tourism and Accommodation Operations F2694
Dervala Cleary See Profile for Dervala Cleary (090) 6471828 Faculty of Science & Health Administrator
Anna Rose Codd See Profile for Anna Rose Codd (090) 6483019 Assistant Lecturer in Early Years’ Care and Education C2362
Sarah Jane Coffey See Profile for Sarah Jane Coffey (090) 6471896 Assistant Lecturer in Bar Service and Facilities Operations F1618
Rossa Coleman See Profile for Rossa Coleman (090) 6471851 IT Manager
Anthony Commins See Profile for Anthony Commins (090) 6471889 Lecturer in Networks, Instrumentation and Computing U310
Catriona Conlon See Profile for Catriona Conlon 0906468134 Fees & Grants
Sean Connell See Profile for Sean Connell (090) 6442509 Lecturer in Web Development for Tourism & Hospitality Businesses and Computer Applications F1616
Dr. Siobhán O Connor See Profile for Siobhán O Connor (090) 6483042 Lecturer in Sports Therapy with Rehabilitation E2323
Frank Conway See Profile for Frank Conway Lecturer in Management Accounting D1124
Anne Conway See Profile for Anne Conway 0906442561 Senior Library Assistant Reader Services
Eoin Conway See Profile for Eoin Conway D1124
Padraig Cooke See Profile for Padraig Cooke (090) 6471845 Lecturer in Control and Automation V303
Imelda Cooke See Profile for Imelda Cooke (090) 6483016 Lecturer, School of Humanities B2094
Dr. Diane Cooper See Profile for Dr. Diane Cooper (090) 6483092 Lecturer of Sports Science with Exercise Physiology E2323
Olivia Corcoran See Profile for Olivia Corcoran (090) 6441864 Lecturer in Nursing J2020
Jo Corkery See Profile for Jo Corkery 0906483031 Librarian
Kenneth Corless See Profile for Kenneth Corless (090) 6442538 Lecturer in Mechanical & Polymer Engineering V303
Mary Corrigan See Profile for Mary Corrigan (090) 6468254 Lecturer in Law E2325
Mary B Corrigan See Profile for Mary B Corrigan (090) 6468254 Lecturer in Law E2325
Gillian Coughlan See Profile for Gillian Coughlan (090) 6483091 Assistant Lecturer in Veterinary Nursing E2323
Veronica Coughlan See Profile for Veronica Coughlan 0906442513 Library Assistant
Caroline Coyle See Profile for Caroline Coyle (090) 6483019 Lecturer in Social Studies C2362
Miriam Croke See Profile for Miriam Croke (090) 6483017 Lecturer in English E3226
Esther Cuffe See Profile for Esther Cuffe 0906448133 Office Administrator Card Office
Jackie Cunnane See Profile for Jackie Cunnane Jackie Cunnane profile image +353 906471818 International Office Coordinator including Erasmus and Exchange Students
Martina Cunningham See Profile for Martina Cunningham Lecturer in Mechanical & Polymer Engineering U303
Anthony Cunningham See Profile for Anthony Cunningham 0906483096 COMAND Manager U202
Mark Daly See Profile for Mark Daly (090) 6468156 Lecturer
June Daly See Profile for June Daly (090) 6483039 Secretary Faculty of Business and Hospitality B02
Conor Daly See Profile for Conor Daly 09064 68005 Assistant Manager Estates
Rebecca Darcy See Profile for Rebecca Darcy Rebecca Darcy profile image 0906468013 Academic Writing
Finola Deavy See Profile for Finola Deavy (090) 6442535 Lecturer in School of Engineering Z302
Brigid Delamere See Profile for Brigid Delamere (090) 6468128 bdelamereá Lecturer in French D1123
Sonia Delaney See Profile for Sonia Delaney 0906483071 Finance Administration
Bill Delaney See Profile for Bill Delaney (090) 6468109 Vice President Financial and Corporate Affairs
Geraldine Mc Dermott See Profile for Geraldine Mc Dermott (090) 6468098 Lecturer in French & Information Technology E3225
Aisling Deverell See Profile for Aisling Deverell 06721282 Lecturer in Equine
Dr. Sinéad Devery See Profile for Sinéad Devery (090) 6468088 Lecturer and Researcher E2310
Declan Devine See Profile for Declan Devine 0906468291 MRI Director RH211
Frank Doheny See Profile for Frank Doheny (090) 6483013 Mathematics Lecturer in school of Engineering U309
Michael Doheny See Profile for Michael Doheny 0906483030 / 6471822 Assistant Librarian Reader Services
Paul Dolan See Profile for Paul Dolan (090) 6442550 Lecturer in Project and Business Management Y308
Denise Dolan See Profile for Denise Dolan (090) 6468129 Careers Officer D04
Barry Donnelly See Profile for Barry Donnelly 0906468255 Lecturer in Taxation and Auditing E2325
Dr.Carmel Donoghue See Profile for Dr.Carmel Donoghue Lecturer in Chemistry E2310
Owen Donohoe See Profile for Owen Donohoe 0906483062 Research Hub Officer RH209
Dr. Kieran Dowd See Profile for Kieran Dowd 090643042 Lecturer in Physical Activity and Health Science E2323
Caroline Downes See Profile for Caroline Downes (090) 6468186 Departmental Secretary of Engineering & Informatics
Brendan Doyle See Profile for Brendan Doyle (090) 6483020 Lecturer in Financial Accounting, in the Dept of Accounting & Business Computing D2287
Nuala Doyle See Profile for Nuala Doyle (090) 6483060 Department Secretary in Trades
Audrey Doyle See Profile for Audrey Doyle 0906468063 Health Centre Admin Health Centre
John Doyle See Profile for John Doyle 0906468135 Fees & Grants Officer
Sally Doyle See Profile for Sally Doyle 0906442583 Office Administrator
Alan Duffy See Profile for Alan Duffy (090) 6442531 Lecturer, Department of Civil and Construction Y307
Stephanie Duffy See Profile for Stephanie Duffy Assistant Lecturer in Organisational Management and Business Management & Enterprise Development C2357
Dermot Duffy See Profile for Dermot Duffy 0906468257 Lecturer in Quantitative Techniques and Programming E2325
Mary Duffy See Profile for Mary Duffy 0906468117 Postgraduate Research Coordinator MC1506
Dr. Ronan Dunbar See Profile for Ronan Dunbar (090) 6468174 Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering X310
Rosarii Dunne See Profile for Rosarii Dunne 0906471821 Assistant Librarian Technical Services
Dr. Donal Eardly See Profile for Donal Eardly (090) 6468075 Lecturer in Biotechnology E2321
Patricia Egan See Profile for Patricia Egan (090) 6471899 Office Administrator - Marketing Dept.
Bernie Egan See Profile for Bernie Egan 0906471884
Joseph Egan See Profile for Joseph Egan 0906483046 Lecturer in Marketing E2324
Dr. Sheila Faherty See Profile for Sheila Faherty (090) 6483068 Lecturer in Biological Science J2019
Dr. Don Faller See Profile for Don Faller (090) 6442587 Dean of Faculty of Science and Health J2027
Dr. Sheila Fallon See Profile for Sheila Fallon (090) 6483012 Lecturer in Software Engineering X309
Dr. Enda Fallon See Profile for Enda Fallon (090) 6471877 Lecturer in Software Engineering W305
Imelda Fallon See Profile for Imelda Fallon 0906468112 Assistant Lecturer Text Processing and Health Services Administration C2357
Anna Fallon See Profile for Anna Fallon 0906483072 Finance Administration
Luke Fannon See Profile for Luke Fannon 0906483046 Lecturer in Financial Accounting, Taxation and Auditing E2324
Dr. Joseph Farrell See Profile for Joseph Farrell (090) 6468171 Lecturer in Mechanical & Polymer Engineering V311
Enda Farrell See Profile for Enda Farrell (090) 6468288 Assistant Lecturer in Software Engineering Y304
Maura Farrell See Profile for Maura Farrell 0906468124 Senior Staff Officer D11
Karol Fitzgerald See Profile for Karol Fitzgerald (090) 6483034 Lecturer in Software Engineering Z304
Siobhán Fitzmaurice See Profile for Siobhán Fitzmaurice (090) 6442579 Faculty of Business and Hospitality Administrator B03
Brenda Flaherty See Profile for Brenda Flaherty Lecturer in Marketing Management and Integrated Marketing Communications D2288
Dr. Ronan Flynn See Profile for Ronan Flynn (090) 6468164 Lecturer in Department of Electronics, Computer and Software U310
Nigel Flynn See Profile for Nigel Flynn Lecturer in Department of Electronics, Computer and Software V311
Dr. Andy Fogarty See Profile for Andy Fogarty (090) 6471861 Lecturer in Microbiology and Ecotoxicology D2286
Dr. Attracta Foley See Profile for Attracta Foley (090) 6468168 Lecturer in Department of Civil Engineering Y302
Niamh Foley See Profile for Niamh Foley (090) 6471837 Lecturer in Sports Management & Sports Studies F1614
Treasa Fox See Profile for Treasa Fox Treasa Fox profile image 0906468064 Counselling Service C2367
Dr. Anne M. Friel See Profile for Anne M. Friel (090) 6468088 Lecturer in Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Science E2310
Lorraine Gaffney See Profile for Lorraine Gaffney (090) 6442510 Lecturer in Nursing J2021
Kelly Gallagher See Profile for Kelly Gallagher (090) 6442529 Lecturer in Culinary Skills and Food Tourism F1613
Michael Gantley See Profile for Michael Gantley (090) 6442523 Lecturer in Global Cuisine and Volume Food Production F1617
Karen Gardiner See Profile for Karen Gardiner (090) 6471817 Lecturer in Tourism Studies and Enterprise F1611
Brian Garvey See Profile for Brian Garvey (090) 6468167 Lecturer in Environmental Engineering Science & Geographical Information Systems Y302
Luke Geever See Profile for Luke Geever 0906468054 APT MC2502
Lisa Geraghty See Profile for Lisa Geraghty (090) 6468084 Lecturer Veterinary Nursing E2323
Dr. Mary Giblin See Profile for Dr. Mary Giblin (090) 6471888 Lecturer in Department of Electronics, Computer and Software Engineering X309
Marese Gilhooly See Profile for Marese Gilhooly Assistant Lecturer in Sports Therapy with Rehabilitation F301
Joanne Gillivan See Profile for Joanne Gillivan 0906483033 Library Assistant
Brid Gilmore See Profile for Brid Gilmore Brid Gilmore  profile image Locum Nurse
Sean Glennon See Profile for Sean Glennon (090) 6468177 Lecturer in Mechanical & Polymer Engineering X310
Mary Goode See Profile for Mary Goode 0906468132 Manager
Dr. Deirdre Mc Gowan See Profile for Deirdre Mc Gowan (090) 6483017 Lecturer in Law E2303
Katherine Grace See Profile for Katherine Grace (090) 6442528 Lecturer in Volume Food Production, Pastry, Desserts & Bread Making F1613
Sandra Griselain See Profile for Sandra Griselain (090) 6471812 Lecturer in HRM & Training and Food & Beverage Studies F1611
Karen Guest See Profile for Karen Guest (090) 6471814 Lecturer in Economics, Banking and Insurance C2354
Dr. Aoife Guiry See Profile for Aoife Guiry (090) 6468250 Assistant Lecturer in Phamacology/Biology/Pharmaceutical Microbiology/Biochemistry E2317
Patricia Gunning See Profile for Patricia Gunning Lecturer in E-Business and Data Analytics C2353
Anne Handy See Profile for Anne Handy (090) 6442580 Department of Accounting and Business Computing Secretary B02
Dr. Austin Hanley See Profile for Austin Hanley (090) 6488150 Dean of Engineering & Informatics X303
Lisa Hanlon See Profile for Lisa Hanlon 0906468122 Healthy Campus Co-Ordinator D11
Christoffer Hannevig See Profile for Christoffer Hannevig Lecturer in Energy Management and Energy Auditing, Green Engineering, Sustainable Energy Z305
Patrick Hannon See Profile for Patrick Hannon (090) 6471823 Lecturer in Food & Beverage Management and Restaruant Design & Control F2696
John Harding See Profile for John Harding (090) 6442512 Lecturer in Food Processing & Technology and Food Safety Management F2699
Stephen Harney See Profile for Stephen Harney (090) 6483045 Lecturer Civil Engineering Z301
Conor Hayes See Profile for Conor Hayes 0906468283 Senior Design Engineer, CISD RH212
Thomas Healy See Profile for Thomas Healy (090) 6442590 Lecturer in Psychiatric Nursing J1018
Dr Patricia Heavey See Profile for Dr Patricia Heavey (090) 6468095 Lecturer and Course Co-ordinator Health Science and Nutrition J1015
Eoin Heffernan See Profile for Eoin Heffernan Assistant Lecturer in Graphic Design
Oliver Hegarty See Profile for Oliver Hegarty (090) 6442530 Head of Department of Social Science & Design E3226
Prof. Clement L. Higginbotham See Profile for Prof. Clement L. Higginbotham (090) 6468050 Lecturer in Chemistry/Polymer Materials/Biomedical Materials RH211
Prof Clem Higginbotham See Profile for Prof Clem Higginbotham 0906468050 chigginbotham MRI MC2512
Georgina Hogan See Profile for Georgina Hogan (090) 6471871 Department of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Studies Secretary
David Holland See Profile for David Holland 0906468112 Lecturer for Computer Applications and Business Applications C2357
Michael Jr Hopkins See Profile for Michael Jr Hopkins 0906483047 MRI MC2502
Carmel Horan See Profile for Carmel Horan Carmel Horan profile image +353 906468273 International Office Administrator
Sheila Hough See Profile for Sheila Hough (090) 6468295 Lecturer in Design E1180
Alison Hough BL See Profile for Alison Hough BL Lecturer in Law D2287
Helen Howley See Profile for Helen Howley (090)648114 Lecturer in English E2324
Janice Hughes See Profile for Janice Hughes (090) 6471834 Faculty Administrator
Meng Jing (Jack) See Profile for Meng Jing (Jack) Meng Jing (Jack) profile image +86 2160703086 Asia Director
Dr. Ashling Jackson See Profile for Ashling Jackson (090) 6471815 Lecturer in Social Care E3214
Dr. Paul Jacob See Profile for Paul Jacob (090) 6468165 Lecturer in Department of Electronics, Computer and Software U310
Dr. Tony Johnston See Profile for Dr. Tony Johnston (090) 6471894 Head of Department of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Studies F2702
Carmel Joyce See Profile for Carmel Joyce (090) 6468096 Lecturer in Professional Practice, Scriptwriting and Cultural Studies E32224
Henry Joyce See Profile for Henry Joyce (090) 6471922 Lecturer in Economics F2693
Dr. Carmel Kealey See Profile for Carmel Kealey (090) 6468082 Lecturer in Molecular Biology E2306
James Keane See Profile for James Keane Assist. Technology IT D23
Enda Keegan See Profile for Enda Keegan Lecturer Financail Management, Financial Accounting, Taxation D1124
Sarah Keegan See Profile for Sarah Keegan 0906483073 Project Accountant
Aisling Keenan See Profile for Aisling Keenan 090 6468060 Lecturer in Web Development in the Department of Business Computing B12
Eimear Kelly See Profile for Eimear Kelly (090) 6483016 Lecturer in German, Communications and Learning and Development for Higher Education B2094
Dr. Brendan Kelly See Profile for Brendan Kelly (090) 6424400 Lecturer in Physics and Computing D2256
Orlaith Kelly See Profile for Orlaith Kelly Lecturer Financial Accounting and Management Accounting E2325
Jacinta Kelly See Profile for Jacinta Kelly 00353 9064 83003 Quality Assurance Officer, Centre for Industrial Services and Design (CISD) – Contract Analytical Services RH212
Roisin Kelly See Profile for Roisin Kelly 0906468140 Learning Support Tutor | Assistive Technology Tutor D18
Elaine Kelly See Profile for Elaine Kelly 0906483067 Alternative Formatting / AT Tutor D24
Siobhan Kelly See Profile for Siobhan Kelly 0906442547 Exams
Nancy Kelly See Profile for Nancy Kelly 0906483074 Payroll
Dr. Sean Kennedy See Profile for Sean Kennedy (090) 6468165 Lecturer in Software Engineering U310
Thomas Kennedy See Profile for Thomas Kennedy 0906442585 Goods In
Keogh Joe See Profile for Keogh Joe 0906442567 Student Tutor Engineering Eng Office
Dr. Lisa Kerr See Profile for Lisa Kerr 00353 9064 42525 Assistant Lecturer in Nursing Studies
Ken Kinahan See Profile for Ken Kinahan (090) 6468128 Lecturer in Economics and Systems & Project Management D1124
Dr. Neasa Kinsella See Profile for Neasa Kinsella (090) 6468000 Lecturer in Toxicology E2320
Eoin Kiveney See Profile for Eoin Kiveney Eoin Kiveney profile image +353 906468274 Middle East Coordinator
Sarah La Cumbre See Profile for Sarah La Cumbre 0906468139 Student Resource Centre Manager D17
Dr. Aoife Lane See Profile for Dr. Aoife Lane Dr. Aoife Lane profile image (090) 6471849 Head of Department of Sport & Health E3222
Eoin Langan See Profile for Eoin Langan (090) 6468290 Dean of Faculty of Business and Hospitality B06
Bernie Langtry See Profile for Bernie Langtry 0906468142 Disability/Learning Support Officer D22
John Larkin See Profile for John Larkin (090) 6471852 Lecturer in the Department of Nursing & Health Science J1018
Joe Lawless See Profile for Joe Lawless (090) 6471824 Head of Department of Polymer, Mechanical, Civil Engineering & Trades X307
Collette Ledwith See Profile for Collette Ledwith 0906483066 Project accountant
Siobhán Lee See Profile for Siobhán Lee (090) 6468116 Administrator – Research, Innovation & Enterprise RH225
Brian Lee See Profile for Brian Lee SRI Director U209
Mr. Paul Lennon See Profile for Paul Lennon 090 6471844 Lecturer in Software Engineering W304
Karen Leonard See Profile for Karen Leonard (090) 6471874 Lecturer in Applied Social Studies in Social Care
Michael Lonergan See Profile for Michael Lonergan 0906471882 Director of Innovation and Enterprise K104 / RH226
Denise Lord See Profile for Denise Lord (090) 6462589 Lecturer in Mathematics and Computing E2316
John Lydon See Profile for John Lydon (090) 6442518 Lecturer in Culinary Skills and Nutrition for Health & Performance F1612
Breda Lynch See Profile for Breda Lynch 0906483041 Industry Programmes / Technology Transfer Manager RH225
Edel Lynn See Profile for Edel Lynn (090) 6471819 Lecturer in Applied Social Studies E3223
Denise Macgiollari See Profile for Denise Macgiollari (090) 6468266 Lecturer In Creative Art In Social Care
Jim Maguire See Profile for Jim Maguire (090) 6471863 Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing and Research Methods J1017
Margaret Maguire See Profile for Margaret Maguire 0906468222 mmaguire Office Administrator
Ian Major See Profile for Ian Major 0906483047 MRI MC2502
JJ Mallon See Profile for JJ Mallon 0906483056 Finance Administration
Denis McCarthy See Profile for Denis McCarthy (090) 6471841 Lecturer in Software Engineering U302
Cormac McClean See Profile for Cormac McClean (090) 6468157 Lecturer in Electronic, Computer and Software Engineering U301
Chris McCormack See Profile for Chris McCormack (090) 6468091 Assistant Lecturer, School of Science
Cora McCormack See Profile for Cora McCormack 0906471879 Quality Officer
Dr. Edwin McCullagh See Profile for Edwin McCullagh (090) 6424411 Lecturer in Chemistry D2286
Kevin McDermott See Profile for Kevin McDermott (090) 6468162 Lecturer in Department of Electronics, Computer and Software U309
Dr. Chris McDermott See Profile for Chris McDermott (090) 6483046 Lecturer in Law E2326
Dr. Mary McDonnell/Naughton See Profile for Mary McDonnell/Naughton (090) 6471867 Lecturer in Nursing and Health Sciences J1020
Frances McGettigan See Profile for Frances McGettigan (090) 6442503 Lecturer in Tourism & Regional Development and Tourism & Leisure Management F2698
Dr. Sheila McGree See Profile for Dr. Sheila McGree (090) 6468269 Lecturer in Psychology/Applied Social Studies E3218
Mary McHugh See Profile for Mary McHugh (090) 6463008 Lecturer in Social Care E3219
Eoin McIntyre See Profile for Eoin McIntyre (090) 6468176 Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering X310
Treacy McIntyre See Profile for Treacy McIntyre 0906483057 Finance Administration
Nicole McKenna See Profile for Nicole McKenna Lecturer in image Making and Design E1183(B)
John McKenna See Profile for John McKenna (090) 6468111 Vice President Strategic Planning & Institutional Performance
Brendan McLarney See Profile for Brendan McLarney 0906483038 Student Tutor Business B13
Dr. Michael McLoughlin See Profile for Michael McLoughlin (090) 6471887 Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering Z303
Kevin McLoughlin See Profile for Kevin McLoughlin (090) 6442517 Lecturer in Strategic Management and Applied Culinary Science F1612
Caroline McLoughlin See Profile for Caroline McLoughlin 0906468131 Admissions
Michael McMahon See Profile for Michael McMahon (090) 6468178 Lecturer in Civil Engineering Y307
Breda McManus See Profile for Breda McManus (090) 6442558 Department of Social Sciences & Design Secretary
James McNamara See Profile for James McNamara (090) 6442551 Lecturer Civil Engineering Y301
Paula McNiff See Profile for Paula McNiff 0906442553 Finance Administration
Margo McNulty See Profile for Margo McNulty Lecturer in Design E1187(A)
William Meaney See Profile for William Meaney Lecturer in Business Accounting and Strategic Implementation C2357
Joe Meegan See Profile for Joe Meegan (090) 6471820 Lecturer in Sport Management and Lifetime Development F2699
Peter Melinn See Profile for Peter Melinn Lecturer in Accounting, Corporate Reporting and Financial Statement Analysis E2325
Paula Melville See Profile for Paula Melville Lecturer in Business Accounting and Financial Accounting D2288
Lorna Mitchell See Profile for Lorna Mitchell (090) 6468299 Lecturer in French and Psychology E3216
Dr. Therese Montgomery See Profile for Therese Montgomery (090) 6483059 Lecturer in Life & Physical Sciences E2320
Dr. James Mooney See Profile for James Mooney (090) 6468189 Lecturer in Department of Electronics, Computer and Software Y303
Pearl Moore See Profile for Pearl Moore (090) 6471875 Lecturer in the Department of Social Science and Design E3217
Duncan Moore See Profile for Duncan Moore Lecturer in Music Technology and Sound Engineering
Beatrice Moran See Profile for Beatrice Moran (090) 6478061 Lecturer in the Department of Nursing and Health Studies J2021
Annette Moran See Profile for Annette Moran 0906442513 Library Attendant
Martina Moran See Profile for Martina Moran (090) 6468101 Personal Assistant to President
Dr. Noreen Morris See Profile for Noreen Morris (090) 6471878 Lecturer in Chemistry E2320
Cyril Morris See Profile for Cyril Morris (090) 6442533 Lecturer Civil Engineering Y301
Mary Mulryan See Profile for Mary Mulryan 0906471850 Library Assistant
Dr. Brian Murphy See Profile for Brian Murphy (090) 6468058 Lecturer in the Department of Life and Physical Sciences J1019
Dr. Pearse Murphy See Profile for Dr. Pearse Murphy (090)) 6461801 Head of Department of Nursing and Health Science
Alan Murphy See Profile for Alan Murphy 0906442575 Senior Research Officer, CISD RH101
Dr. Niall Murray See Profile for Niall Murray (090) 6468183 Lecturer, Department of Electronics, Computer & Software Engineering U309
Louise Murray See Profile for Louise Murray (090) 6471859 Lecturer in Marketing C2354
Bernardine Murray See Profile for Bernardine Murray 0906483078 HR Officer
Eileen Murray See Profile for Eileen Murray (090) 6468106 Personal Assistant to Vice President Academic Affairs & Registrar
Iain Murray See Profile for Iain Murray Iain Murray  profile image Science Tutor E3210
Edel Murray-Burke See Profile for Edel Murray-Burke 0906442576 Office Administrator
Madeline Murtagh See Profile for Madeline Murtagh (090) 6442502 Lecturer in Hospitality Management and Services Marketing F2609
Harman Murtagh See Profile for Harman Murtagh Visiting Fellow D1123
Nathan Cafolla See Profile for Nathan Cafolla 0906471883 Graphic & Digital Designer
Bernadette Naughton See Profile for Bernadette Naughton (090) 6468270 Lecturer in Psychology and Social Studies E3225
Paul O’Neill See Profile for Paul O’Neill Lecturer in Design
Martina Nolan See Profile for Martina Nolan Lecturer in Mechanical & Polymer Engineering U303
Jarlath Nolan See Profile for Jarlath Nolan (0)90 6468258 Lecturer in Computer Architecture, Web Development, Operating Systems and Data Communications E2325
Dr. Michael Nugent See Profile for Michael Nugent (090) 6468172 Lecturer in Mechanical & Polymer Engineering W305
Adrienne Nuttall See Profile for Adrienne Nuttall 0906442513 Library assistant
Norrie O’Callaghan See Profile for Norrie O’Callaghan 0906468130 Admissions Officer
Una O’Connor See Profile for Una O’Connor 0906442593 Deputy Librarian
Miriam O’Connor See Profile for Miriam O’Connor 0906468078 Lecturer in Nursing & Health Science E2306
David O’Hanlon See Profile for David O’Hanlon Lecturer in Psychology of Leadership and Performance, Personal and Professional Development C2357
Sinead O’Shea See Profile for Sinead O’Shea 0906483076 Finance Administration
Audrey O’Beirne See Profile for Audrey O’Beirne (090) 6468282 Lecturer in German, French & Learning and Development for Higher Education E3219
Dr. Anne Marie O’Brien See Profile for Anne Marie O’Brien (090) 6468090 Lecturer Science E2310
Bernadette O’Brien See Profile for Bernadette O’Brien (090) 6471836 Department of Nursing & Healthcare Secretary
Joe O’Brien See Profile for Joe O’Brien (090) 6471831 Lecturer in Civil & Construction Engineering Z301
Orla O’Byrne See Profile for Orla O’Byrne (090) 6468263 Assistant Lecturer in Computer Applications, Text Processing and Business Mathematics E2325
Doireann O’Callaghan See Profile for Doireann O’Callaghan (090) 6471855 Lecturer in Languages and Marketing E3224
John O’Callaghan See Profile for John O’Callaghan (090) 6442586 Lecturer Civil Engineering Y307
Dr. Vincent O’Connor See Profile for Dr. Vincent O’Connor (090) 6468128 Lecturer in Research, Research Methodology and German D1123
Dr. Áine O’Connor See Profile for Áine O’Connor Áine O’Connor  profile image 0906468012 Assistant Lecturer in Nutrition J1015
Dr. Carol O’Donnell See Profile for Dr. Carol O’Donnell (090) 6468056 Head of Department Life & Physical Sciences
Catherine O’Donoghue See Profile for Catherine O’Donoghue (090) 6468114 Lecturer in English E2324
Thomas O’Donoghue See Profile for Thomas O’Donoghue (090) 6483046 Lecturer in Project Management E2324
Michael O’Dowd See Profile for Michael O’Dowd Lecturer Marketing & Entrepreneurship and Sound Engineering MC 1511
Sile O’Flaherty See Profile for Sile O’Flaherty (090) 646 8085 Lecturer in Science E2323
Marie O’Halloran See Profile for Marie O’Halloran (090) 6442511 Lecturer in Financial Management and Accounting F2698
Teresa O’Hara See Profile for Teresa O’Hara 0906483046 Lecturer for Strategic Management and International Corporate Strategy E2324
Dr. Margaret O’Keeffe See Profile for Margaret O’Keeffe (090) 6468281 Lecturer in Management and Sociology E3215
Dermot O’Leary See Profile for Dermot O’Leary 0906468256 Lecturer in Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Business Management, Computer Applications E2325
Margaret O’Loghlen See Profile for Margaret O’Loghlen (090) 6442522 Lecturer in Culinary Practice, Pastry and Food Science & Technology F1617
Barry O’Loughlin See Profile for Barry O’Loughlin 0906471854 Lecturer in Database Applications, Business Information Systems and Information Systems for Managers C2355
Dr. Ann O’Malley See Profile for Ann O’Malley (090) 6468077 Lecturer in Chemistry E2321
Paul O’Meara See Profile for Paul O’Meara Lecturer in Managerial Finance and Decision Making Techniques D1124
Terry O’Neill See Profile for Terry O’Neill 0906471848 Lecturer in Computer Programming, Systems Analysis and Design and Information Systems E2324
Maeve O’Reilly See Profile for Maeve O’Reilly Lecturer in Department of Life and Physical Sciences E2321
Michael O’Rourke See Profile for Michael O’Rourke (090) 643018 Lecturer in Department of Electronics, Computer and Software Engineering U309
Martin O’Rourke See Profile for Martin O’Rourke Lecturer in Enterprise Applications, SAP and Computer Applications D2287
Joseph O’Toole See Profile for Joseph O’Toole (090) 6442534 Lecturer Civil Engineering Y307
Janet Owens See Profile for Janet Owens (090) 6468102 Projects Officer
Jason Palframan See Profile for Jason Palframan (090) 6483046 Lecturer in Human Resource Management E2324
Diane Patter See Profile for Diane Patter (090) 6468057 Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice E2320
Celine Peignen See Profile for Celine Peignen 0906483040 Library Assistant
Trevor Prendergast See Profile for Trevor Prendergast (090) 6471857 Head of Department of Accounting and Business Computing B05
Paul Prendergast See Profile for Paul Prendergast 0906471854 Lecturer in Management Accounting, Financial Management and Financial Strategy C2355
Sinead Purtill See Profile for Sinead Purtill (090) 6442520 Lecturer in Sports Coaching and Sport and Exercise Psychology F1614
Marcus Rahilly See Profile for Marcus Rahilly (090) 6468155 Head of Department of Electronics & Informatics X304
Leo Reddy See Profile for Leo Reddy (090) 6442507 Lecturer in Civil Engineering & Construction Y308
Dr. Sean Reidy See Profile for Sean Reidy (090) 6471842 E2316
Linda Reidy See Profile for Linda Reidy (090) 6468260 Lecturer in Management and Business Psychology B12
Brenda Reilly See Profile for Brenda Reilly (090) 6468265 Lecturer in Computer Programming, Cryptography & Security and Networks E2325
Jim Roche See Profile for Jim Roche (090) 6468087 Lecturer E2316
Patrick Rogers See Profile for Patrick Rogers (090) 6468182 Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering X310
Owen Ross See Profile for Owen Ross (090) 6471895 Head of Department of Business and Management B04
Neil Rowan See Profile for Neil Rowan 0906471838 BRI Director J2022
Brian Ó Ruairc See Profile for Brian Ó Ruairc (090) 6442515 Lecturer in Culinary Skills and Buffet / Contemporary Cuisine F1618
Michael Russell See Profile for Michael Russell (090) 6442541 Lecturer in Software Engineering and Learning & Teaching U302
Nicola Ryan See Profile for Nicola Ryan Assistant Lecturer in Anatomy & Physiology and Health & Wellness F
Seamus Ryan See Profile for Seamus Ryan (090) 6468126 Lecturer in Business Mathematics and Engineering Management D1123
Seadna Ryan See Profile for Seadna Ryan Assistant Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Project Management D1123
Theresa Ryan See Profile for Theresa Ryan 0906468123 Access Officer D08
Amanda Ryan See Profile for Amanda Ryan 0906468271 Office Administrator
Lorraine Sammon See Profile for Lorraine Sammon (090) 6468138 Careers Office Administrator D04
Noel Samuels See Profile for Noel Samuels 0906442513 Library Attendant
Dymphna Scanlon See Profile for Dymphna Scanlon (090) 6471832 Lecturer in Event Management and Learning and Development for Higher Education F1611
Sean Lyons See Profile for Sean Lyons 0906468284 APT Manager
Dr. Mairéad Seery See Profile for Mairéad Seery (090) 6468275 Lecturer in Department of Social Science and Design E2325
Dr. Mairéad Seery See Profile for Mairéad Seery (090) 6468275 Lecturer in Department of Social Science and Design E2325
Daniel Seery See Profile for Daniel Seery (090) 6468136 Student Recruitment & Digital Marketing Officer
Dr. Niall Seery See Profile for Dr. Niall Seery (090) 6468106 Vice President Academic Affairs & Registrar
Marguerite Shanley See Profile for Marguerite Shanley (090) 6438280 Lecturer in Humanities E3225
Nora Shine See Profile for Nora Shine (090) 6442516 Lecturer in Finance Management and Business & Management Principles F2697
Mary Simpson See Profile for Mary Simpson Mary Simpson profile image +353 906468272 Director of International Relations
Fiona Slevin See Profile for Fiona Slevin 0906442556 Payroll / Expenses
Carmel Smith See Profile for Carmel Smith (090) 6468094 Lecturer in Design E1184A
Stephanie Smyth See Profile for Stephanie Smyth Lecturer in Visual Communication E1184
Dr. Gary Stack See Profile for Gary Stack (090) 6442546 Lecturer in the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences J2022
Trudy Stack See Profile for Trudy Stack (090) 6468109 Personal Assistant to Vice President Financial and Corporate Affairs
Dr. Robert Stewart See Profile for Robert Stewart (090) 6471891 Lecturer in Electronic, Computer and Software Engineering X309
Dr. Antoinette Sweeney See Profile for Antoinette Sweeney (090) 6442544 Lecturer in Biology, Physiology, & Toxicology E2316
Daire Taylor See Profile for Daire Taylor 0906471802 dtaylor Graphic & Digital Designer
Hilary Thornton See Profile for Hilary Thornton (090) 6468281 Lecturer in Psychology and Social Care E3215
Michael Thornton See Profile for Michael Thornton (090) 6468160 Lecturer in Department of Electronics, Computer and Software U304
Ms. Orla Thornton See Profile for Orla Thornton (090) 6442557 Director of Marketing & Communications Q103
Joe Tierney See Profile for Joe Tierney (090) 6442526 Lecturer in Sports & Recreation F1615
Noel Tierney See Profile for Noel Tierney (090) 6468112 Lecturer in Database Applications and Systems Analysis and Design C2357
Dr. Michael Tobin See Profile for Dr. Michael Tobin Dr. Michael Tobin profile image (090) 6471860 Head of Department of Lifelong Learning
Brian Toolan See Profile for Brian Toolan (090) 6471814 Lecturer in Marketing and New Venture Creation & Growth C2354
Lynn Tucker See Profile for Lynn Tucker 0906483076 Finance Administration
Laura Tully See Profile for Laura Tully 0906468062 Nurse/co-ord Health Centre Health Centre
Karl Turley See Profile for Karl Turley Karl Turley profile image +353 906468273 Coordinator for new and emerging markets
Keith Vaugh See Profile for Keith Vaugh (090) 6442539 Lecturer in Mechanical & Polymer Engineering V304
Maggie Wade See Profile for Maggie Wade 0906471847 Office Administrator
Aoife Walsh See Profile for Aoife Walsh 0906442571 Assist Tech/PASS Co-Ord D15
Lorna Walsh See Profile for Lorna Walsh 0906471805 Funded Research Manager RH225
Elaine Walsh See Profile for Elaine Walsh Lecturer in Law E2325
Jody Walsh See Profile for Jody Walsh Lecturer in Instrument Technology
Fiona Walshe See Profile for Fiona Walshe (090) 6442536 Lecturer in Social studies and Early Years Education E3217
Geraldine Ward See Profile for Geraldine Ward (090) 6468000 Lecturer in Spanish D2288
Kevin Ward See Profile for Kevin Ward (090) 6442514 Lecturer in Pastry Arts and Volume Food Production F2700
Tania Young See Profile for Tania Young 0906442562 Senior Library Assistant Technical Services