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Dept Of Civil Construction Mineral Engineering Contacts

Name Image Telephone Email Position Room
Dr. Paul Archbold See Profile for Paul Archbold (090) 6442552 Lecturer Z303
Louise Brierty See Profile for Louise Brierty (090) 6483098 Faculty of Engineering & Informatics Administrator
Finola Deavy See Profile for Finola Deavy (090) 6442535 Lecturer in School of Engineering Z302
Paul Dolan See Profile for Paul Dolan (090) 6442550 Lecturer in Project and Business Management Y308
Caroline Downes See Profile for Caroline Downes (090) 6468186 Departmental Secretary of Engineering & Informatics
Nuala Doyle See Profile for Nuala Doyle (090) 6483060 Department Secretary in Trades
Alan Duffy See Profile for Alan Duffy (090) 6442531 Lecturer, Department of Civil and Construction Y307
Dr. Attracta Foley See Profile for Attracta Foley (090) 6468168 Lecturer in Department of Civil Engineering Y302
Brian Garvey See Profile for Brian Garvey (090) 6468167 Lecturer in Environmental Engineering Science & Geographical Information Systems Y302
Stephen Harney See Profile for Stephen Harney (090) 6483045 Lecturer Civil Engineering Z301
Dr. Michael McLoughlin See Profile for Michael McLoughlin (090) 6471887 Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering Z303
Michael McMahon See Profile for Michael McMahon (090) 6468178 Lecturer in Civil Engineering Y307
James McNamara See Profile for James McNamara (090) 6442551 Lecturer Civil Engineering Y301
Cyril Morris See Profile for Cyril Morris (090) 6442533 Lecturer Civil Engineering Y301
Joe O’Brien See Profile for Joe O’Brien (090) 6471831 Lecturer in Civil & Construction Engineering Z301
John O’Callaghan See Profile for John O’Callaghan (090) 6442586 Lecturer Civil Engineering Y307
Joseph O’Toole See Profile for Joseph O’Toole (090) 6442534 Lecturer Civil Engineering Y307
Leo Reddy See Profile for Leo Reddy (090) 6442507 Lecturer in Civil Engineering & Construction Y308
Dr. Sean Lyons See Profile for Sean Lyons 0906468284 Dean of Faculty of Engineering & Informatics X306