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Jonny O’Dwyer See Profile for Jonny O’Dwyer Associate Lecturer
Brendan Doyle See Profile for Brendan Doyle (090) 6483020 Lecturer in Financial Accounting, in the Dept of Accounting & Business Computing D2287
Imelda Fallon See Profile for Imelda Fallon 0906468112 Lecturer C2357
Aisling Keenan See Profile for Aisling Keenan 090 6468060 Lecturer in Web Development in the Department of Business Computing B12
Ms. Orlaith Kelly See Profile for Orlaith Kelly 0906468268 Lecturer E67
Dr. Paul Liston See Profile for Paul Liston Lecturer D13
Michelle McKeon-Bennett See Profile for Michelle McKeon-Bennett (090) 646 8290 Dean of Faculty, Business and Hospitality B06
Barry O’Loughlin See Profile for Barry O’Loughlin 0906471854 Lecturer C2355
Noel Tierney See Profile for Noel Tierney (090) 6468112 Lecturer in Computer Applications C2357