Bachelor of Science (Honours) Software Design with Mobile Apps and Connected Devices (Add-On)


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Why take this course?

In recent years, the emergence of next generation internet, mobile ICT, location based services and the exponential growth of social networking have driven innovation and new revenue streams for firms of all sizes. There are skills shortages for professionals and associate professionals across sectors in many areas of ICT. Ireland is likely to face an average increase in demand for high-level ICT skills of around 5% a year with the employment of ICT professionals anticipated to rise to just over 91,000. Globally, the sector is in the midst of a disruptive growth and innovation phase. This includes the use of mobile devices and technologies, the internet of things (IoT) and the emergence of big data analytics. The European Commission estimates that Europe could face an 800,000 person ICT skills shortage by 2022. The shortage of talent in ICT is a global problem. This is due to unprecedented growth and innovation in the sector. Ireland’s young, highly skilled, flexible workforce has fuelled the rapid growth of the country’s software sector. This has been underwritten by the extensive investment by the State in education and research. Ireland now proudly boasts the third highest proportion of maths, science and computer graduates in the 20-29 age group in the EU. By 2022, the number of monthly active smartphone users is projected to grow steadily and reach 53.96 million individuals. This would be an increase of over 12 million new users from 41.09 million users in 2015. Ireland’s National Skills Bulletin 2017 identified mobile app development as a key area in which there was a skills deficit. The course provides students with general software development skills with specific expertise in mobile app development for the emerging area of the IoT and Connected Devices.

What will I experience?

The Faculty of Engineering and Informatics is housed in one of the most modern and well-equipped facilities of its kind in the country. The common entry structure of this course allows you to experience many core aspects of software development while allowing you to change your specialisation entering second year if you have the required CAO points. Lecturers have extensive industry experience which enriches their teaching skills and competencies. You will be part of an exciting software development environment, with advanced research and strong links to industry. You will enjoy a six-month work placement during your third year of the course, giving you real industrial experience while undertaking a challenging project.

Course Details

Cut Off CAO Points:
Course Award:
Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Dept of Computer and Software Engineering
Minimum Entry Requirements:

Applicants should hold a BSc in Software Design with Mobile Apps and Connected Devices or an equivalent level 7 qualification.

Course Structure

Year 4

Database Architecture and Design, Networks, Management and Organisation Behaviour, Mobile Apps and Connected Devices, Data Mining and Machine Learning, Mobile Apps and Connected Devices Project, The Engineer in Society, Security.

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