Mathematics NFQ Level 6 Single Subject

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Why take this course?

This single subject will introduce the student to the basic mathematical procedures in arithmetic, trigonometry and statistics used in third level study.

This course is ideally suited for mature students who wish to return to third level education in engineering, computing, data analytiscs or science, but need to develop competence and confidence in the area of mathematics before doing so.

What will I experience?

Arithmetic: signs, ratios, fractions, percentages, indices, standard form, logarithms.

Algebra: Logarithms, exponents, manipulation of formulae, simultaneous linear and quadratic equations.

Graphs: direct, inverse, straight line, equation of line.

Geometry: definitions, angles, properties, Pythagoras, construction of triangles

Trigonometry: Trigonometric ratios & identities, sine and cosine rules, applications; circle and quadrilaterals, terminology, areas, volume.

Statistics: data collection, presentation

Errors: types, calculations.

What opportunities might it lead to?

This is a standalone qualification, however students are required to complete academic work and assessment to achieve the single subject certificate.

Additional Information

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Course Details

Course Fees:
Course Duration:
24 Weeks
Course Commencement Date:

7.00pm Wednesday 20 September 2017

Course NFQ Level:
Level 6
Dept of Lifelong Learning
Minimum Entry Requirements:

Mature Applicant

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